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Can Online Casinos Change RTP?

Are you planning on playing slots? Whether you hit the slot machines on a casino floor or in online casinos, the RTP or Return-to-Player is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing which game to try your luck on. It is an unfortunate fact that most people who love playing slots do...

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Where Can I Play Slots for Free Online?

Are you aware that the payouts in online slots are bigger and significantly more frequent than what you can get at a slot machine in a land-based casino? If yes, then great. You’re probably already taking advantage of the opportunity to play online and win big. On the other hand, those casino slots players who...

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How To Tell if a Slot Machine is Hot

Casino patrons who love going to their local casino to hit the slot machines often tend to have their favorite slot machines. Those who have been going to casinos for a long time tend to develop ‘strategies’ for picking slot machines because the machine is ‘ready to give a large payout’ to them. If you...

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Does the RTP Differ Between Online and Offline Slots?

Do you love to play slots? If so, which version do you prefer? The convenience of playing online any time, no matter where you are? Alternatively, are you a gambling purist who feels that nothing beats the thrill of sitting down at a casino slot machine and pulling that lever? Both versions of the game...

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What Is the Best Volatility for Slots?

Slot machines in casinos around the world usually have 3 different volatility rates. Considering that slot volatility has a significant impact on players’ winning probability and the number of cash returns on their wins, it’s important to have a good understanding of them. This guide will tell you about slot volatility in detail. It will...

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Why Slot Games Are So Exciting & Addictive?

Be it online or at a land-based casino, slots are arguably the most popular casino game. Despite being totally based on chance, most people love playing slots because of their exciting and addictive nature. This has been the case ever since slots became a regular part of a gambling setup. Compared to any other casino...