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Slot machines in casinos around the world usually have 3 different volatility rates. Considering that slot volatility has a significant impact on players’ winning probability and the number of cash returns on their wins, it’s important to have a good understanding of them.

This guide will tell you about slot volatility in detail. It will also discuss the types of volatility rates before going on to talk about the best slot volatility that you can play with. So, let’s get straight into it…

Slot Volatility: The Basics 

You might have noticed dedicated sections, especially in online casinos, for slots with low variance. On the other hand, there are high variance slot machines that include booths for progressive slots and other types. They offer a much higher payout but information regarding slot volatility isn’t usually available. 

Some casinos do so as a marketing ploy because volatility refers to the risk inherent among slot machines. For instance, consider a roulette table and the kind of bets that players make during a game. The colors black and red, along with odd and even numbers, represent the lowest possible variants. Dozens, columns, and double streets usually depict bets of the medium variant. Similarly, the riskiest stakes are signified by split, street, straight, and row bets. 

By now, you might be able to tell that low variance bets offer the lowest possible rewards. In the same way, riskier bets can provide a higher return. It’s the same “high risk, high return and low risk, low return” principle that applies to investing in stocks, commodities, and other financial assets. 

The volatility rates of slot machines follow this standard as well. Whether it’s an online or land-based casino, slot volatility varies across the facility. Gameplay feature and the size of the big payout also have an impact. In a nutshell, your chances of obtaining a good return on your bet depend considerably on the risk-reward ratio of the machine that you’re playing on.

Types of Slot Volatilities

Following are the different kinds of slot volatilities.

Low Volatility Slots

Barring a small percentage of individuals, human nature is primarily risk-averse. This is how most slots players operate as well, choosing slots with a lower risk factor even if the reward isn’t great. A low-risk slot machine will enable you to win the majority of your spins within 1 hour of playing. In exchange for the little risk, you’ll be given a lower return on every wager that you win.

In contrast to other types, low volatility slots also have lesser features. But, you can still take advantage of different bonus mechanics.

Medium Volatility Slots

You can get the best of both worlds on medium volatility slots. As is evident from the name, the payout and risk hover in the middle range. This means that you can expect a reasonable percentage of wins in 1 hour of gameplay. And with a medium volatility rate, you’ll get a decent return on all successful wagers.

Medium volatility slots are generally of two kinds: medium-low and medium-high. Players who don’t mind taking on some extra risk to play for a bigger payout frequent the latter. The former enables players to win more bets in exchange for a smaller prize on each of the victories.

Compared to their low volatility counterparts, medium volatility slots contain quite a few features. Many also offer a jackpot payout. There’s also a “free spins” mode. It removes all low-paying symbols so that you can enjoy a higher payout on every win.

High Volatility Slots

From an advertising and marketing standpoint, casino operators and managers prioritize high volatility slots. This is because these games attract the most action. They’re also frequented by clients with deeper pockets, which means more business for the casino!

Given the super-high risk, this category of slot machines have a greater chance of emptying their patrons’ bankrolls. In fact, this is something that they do with incredible regularity. You’d probably have a hard time getting a decent return on any of your bets. Therefore, you need to be careful with high volatility slots.

Considering this scenario, why do people frequent high volatility slots? Why would anyone in their right mind want to risk their money with them? The reason is the payout amount. Although rare, it can reach epic proportions if someone is lucky enough to win the grand jackpot.

In fact, a jackpot from a high volatility slot can even eclipse the national lottery prize in many countries. The most popular slots in casinos around North America have been known to offer jackpots worth $10 million. 

Keep in mind, however, that the overwhelming majority of high volatility slot games aren’t played on progressive slot machines.

What is the Best Volatility for Slots?

Do you go in for an evening of slots with clearly formulated goals in mind? Or do you take the happy-go-lucky approach while playing? Are big returns high on your agenda? Perhaps you just play for the thrill and excitement that slots bring.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to know your goals in advance. Only then will you be able to decide what slot volatility is right for you. For instance, if you’re looking for a big return, high volatility slots are for, even if there’s a great chance of you wiping out your entire bankroll. The same goes for thrill-seekers who live their life on the edge!

If you want to have a good time while earning a decent reward, medium volatility slots fit the bill. Similarly, low volatility slots are for people who don’t like burning through their entire bankroll in one day.

To sum up, your risk preference will determine which slot machine volatility is best for you. That being said, medium volatility slots work best for individuals who want to enjoy the quintessential slot experience.

Final Words

Playing Slots in an Online Casino
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At the end of the day, playing slots is a matter of luck and you should treat them as such. Nevertheless, you can make a thorough analysis of the risk and reward factors associated with a particular machine to give yourself a better chance of winning.

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