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Do you love to play slots? If so, which version do you prefer? The convenience of playing online any time, no matter where you are? Alternatively, are you a gambling purist who feels that nothing beats the thrill of sitting down at a casino slot machine and pulling that lever?

Both versions of the game have their advantages. Nevertheless, the debate about which is better doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon. Depending on personal preferences, you’ll probably get ten different answers to this question from 10 individuals. As already stated, some want the convenience and comfort that comes with online slots. Others crave the experience and vibrant environment of the slots section in a casino.

In short, there’s no straight or right, or wrong answer. Most of the stuff we can discuss while giving our reasoning is highly subjective. For instance, about the “experience” argument, players who frequent slot machines at land-based casinos can rave about them for hours. They just don’t get the same entertainment from playing online, even if there are better bonuses and complimentary prizes.

Given the subjective nature of this debate, the only truly measurable criterion that can give one version of slots the edge over the other is “Return to Player.”

Return to Player: What Is It?

Return to Player or RTP is the money returned to a player after completing a hand. It’s typically measured as a percentage. For instance, if a slot game offers a 90% RTP ratio, you’ll get $90 back for every $100 of betting.

That being said, everything isn’t as simple. The RTP percentage is normally computed after collecting data from an extremely large number of spins, often in the millions. Moreover, this is a total percentage while slot machines tend to be programmed randomly. As a result, the outcomes from shorter playing sessions might deviate completely from the trend. For example, a player may spin more than 100 times and not win anything. In contrast, another gambler makes less than a dozen spins but walks away with thousands of dollars in prize money.

At this point, it’s crucial to talk about volatility because of its direct link with RTP. The former refers to “winning frequency.” For instance, you can achieve a particular RTP ratio from a huge number of small wins or just a few big successes. Going by this criterion, slot games can be categorized into the following.

  • Low Volatility Games
  • Medium Volatility Games
  • High Volatility Games

Games with lower volatility tend to offer smaller payouts. However, you’re more likely to win consistently while playing on such slots. On the other hand, games having higher volatility can provide big payouts, but the frequency of winning is relatively lower. Medium volatility games lie somewhere in the middle on this spectrum. In the end, you’ll have to decide which ones will be best for you based on your needs, preferences, and goals.

Which Version of Slots Boasts a Higher RTP Ratio?

The RTP percentage in online slot games is usually communicated at the outset. And, it tends to be extremely high, usually above 90%. Some even have an RTP ratio of more than 95%. On the contrary, slot machines at a land-based casino work somewhat differently. The RTP Isn’t usually displayed in a prominent spot for everyone to see. It also isn’t communicated clearly when a player sits down to play.

Nevertheless, anyone with experience with slot machines at a brick-and-mortar casino understands that the RTP is likely around 80% to 85%. That’s significantly lower than what you would get in any online slot game, whether it’s an old classic or a recently released innovative adventure.

The costs involved in running a brick-and-mortar gambling facility are surely one of the major reasons why offline slot games offer a lower RTP. Online casinos don’t have to worry about such expenses because of their virtual setup. You can also think of it as payment for the exciting gambling “experience and environment” you crave.

Greater RTP: Is It Always a Good Sign? 

On the face of it, online slots seem to be more generous. Hence, there’s understandable gravitation towards them. This is especially true of players who like the convenience and attractive offers while not being too bothered about the casino experience. The higher RTP might also cause many players to assume that online slots are better. But, this is just one aspect of slots.

As already mentioned, old-school gamblers are still likely to go for a land-based casino’s experience, thrill, and environment. For those who like convenience and variety, it doesn’t get much better than playing on your phone, laptop, or similar device from the comfort of your home.

High-RTP Online Slots

Following are some online slot games with the highest RTP percentage.

Mega Joker

People think Mega Joker is among the oldest online slot games, mainly because of the simple layout. However, the game is hardly a decade old still, having been released in 2013. Nevertheless, the simple layout is also one of the reasons for its immense popularity. The gameplay is user-friendly, while the RTP stands at 99%. On top of that, there’s a progressive jackpot, which explains why the game is such a hit with slots lovers everywhere.

Blood Suckers

This popular vampire-themed game has a 98% RTP ratio. Other than that, players love its eye-catching graphics and exhilarating gameplay.

Ugga Bugga

Released in 2006, Ugga Bugga is a straightforward yet fun game. Its standout features include ten pay lines with ten rows that have three reels each. Furthermore, there’s a 99.07% RTP to go with low volatility. Hence, you can expect some steady income from this one.

Ooh Aah Dracula

There seems to be a pattern with straightforward games offering higher RTP percentages. Ooh Aah, Dracula is another game following the same trend. The RTP comes to 99%, while the game offers ten pay lines with five rows (3 reels each) and clean graphics.

Parting Thoughts

Playing Casino Slots
Side-Angled View of a Gambler at a Casino Slot Machine About to Initiate a Spin of the Reels.

Simply put, there’s no clear answer as to which version of slots is better. It comes down to personal preferences, needs, and goals. You can learn more about the best places to indulge in online and offline slots by following EnjoySlots. Adios till next time!

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