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Casino patrons who love going to their local casino to hit the slot machines often tend to have their favorite slot machines. Those who have been going to casinos for a long time tend to develop ‘strategies’ for picking slot machines because the machine is ‘ready to give a large payout’ to them.

If you have been frequenting casinos for a while to hit the slot machines, you might have heard the concept of ‘hot’ or ‘loose’ slot machines. Apparently, there are slot machines that become primed to payout big-time if certain conditions are met.

Is there a way to determine if a slot machine is hot? What conditions do you need to meet to prime the slot machine for a big payout? More importantly, is it even possible for there to be such a thing as a hot slot machine?

The Reality About Hot and Cold Slot Machines

You might not like reading this, but the whole thing about slot machines being hot or cold is completely baseless. It is another urban myth that has been perpetuated by casino patrons with confirmation bias after hearing others talk about it and getting lucky themselves.

It is true that slot machines tally the amount of money they collect and the number of spins played on them during the day. However, slot machines use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to generate results for each spin. Past spins cannot influence future results.

Suppose that a player lands a winning combination and takes away the highest possible payout from the slot machine in one spin. If they are incredibly lucky, it is not impossible for their next spin to generate a similar result. It is also possible for a slot machine to completely stop giving payouts for the rest of the day. It is all entirely randomized, and there is no way to ‘predict’ when a slot machine will hit.

Many people assume that playing a slot machine right after a professional serviced the machine could give them a good chance of landing a winning combination. However, your chances of winning a big payout from a freshly serviced slot machine are the same as playing on one that has not been touched by a professional for weeks. It does not matter.

How Random Number Generators Create Results

Understanding how slot machines generate the results of each spin can help you better grasp why the concept of hot and cold slot machines is entirely mythical. The RNGs and Pseudo RNGs used in modern slot machines use sophisticated mathematical equations to arrive at randomized results for each spin. There are no prerequisite conditions a slot machine has to meet to generate a winning combination.

Modern slots use unpredictable external sources to seed the RNG. The PRNG runs a seed through a complex equation to generate more effectively randomized results. PRNGs have become ideal because they tend to simulate authentic results. Suppose that you are rolling the dice in a particular game. The speed with which you throw the dice, the condition of the dice itself, and the surface of the table can impact the result. These are all factors you cannot control, but they influence the result.

PRNGs use seeds to generate authentically random and unpredictable results. They draw their seed from any kind of real-world data. The system clock of the slot machine’s network server could be one of those seeds. Of course, that does not mean a slot machine will generate the same result if you spin it at the exact same time another day. A single seed can still generate several possible results after going through the complex equation.

In the case of a slot machine being hot or cold, the PRNG algorithm does not factor in anything that could increase or decrease the chances of a player landing a winning spin. There is no counter on the number of spins it will take for a slot machine to pay out. Each person has the same chance of winning or losing their bets on a slot machine. 

How Do I Tell if a Machine is Hot?

There is no such thing as a hot slot machine, but there are slots games that pay out more frequently to gamblers. Look for the RTP and the volatility on the slot machine you want to try. These factors determine the risk and reward ratio for a slot machine.

Slot machines with higher RTP and low variance are likelier to payout more often. However, the reward for each winning spin is likely going to be low. Low RTP and high variance slot machines might not payout often, but when they do, they are likelier to give you a greater payout.

Wrapping it up

Slot machine
An image showing a slot machine in a casino with its reels still spinning.

We know that it might be a little disappointing to learn that hot and cold slot machines are little more than a mere myth. Yes, you will still hear many naysayers tell you that there are indeed hot or loose slot machines out there. Such machines might have existed at one point, but modern slot machines have been designed to eliminate all the issues to create completely fair machines.

There is no way for a machine to tell when it should begin increasing a specific player’s chance to land a winning spin for a massive payout. However, it is possible for you to win a significant portion of all your spins in games that offer huge cash prizes to a few lucky gamblers.

As disappointing as it might have been, we hope this post sheds some light on the truth of the matter to keep you from making ill-informed betting decisions. There are things you can do to make the most of your bankroll and use it wisely to increase your chances of winning without spending too much money. But it is all practical advice related to managing your approach, how much you bet, and how long you play. There are no tricks that can help you ‘fool’ a slot machine into giving you a bigger payout. Otherwise, casinos would be going out of business left, right, and center.If you found this post helpful, you should keep following Enjoy Slots for more informative posts on everything related to slot machines and online slots games.

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