Woman playing on a slot machine in a casino.
Picking a great slot machine can be like finding a needle in a haystack. When all slot machines look alike, how does one decide which one to choose? Luckily, there are a few easy ways for slot players to determine which slot machine they want to play.

Regardless of your choice, the slot machines will still work on random chance. One machine isn’t more biased than the other. In fact, the slots are known for their ability to produce jackpots at random.

Many factors can determine which slot machine is right for a player. When faced with different kinds of slot machines, it may be confusing to decide on a single choice. However, outcomes may differ depending on the mechanisms of the machine. 

1. What’s Your Personality? 

A slot player’s personality can determine the slot machine that is best for them. Some players might be aiming to win a big jackpot and won’t care about small losses. Others want to win small amounts gradually to make up for the occasional loss. 

A player’s personality might be determined by their bankroll. Since your bankroll can add a lot of anxiety to your play, it is important to decide how much you want to bet early on. Try not to let your bankroll impact how you play, as that can lead to losses. 

In case you have a smaller bankroll and want to play for a long time, looking for slots with a higher RTP and lower volatility is best. These allow you to add smaller bets, get more frequent wins, and get a higher payout. 

However, if you are a player who wants those big wins and doesn’t shy away from spending a lot of money in one go, perhaps a more volatile slot is best for you. Slot RTP and volatility are usually displayed on the casino’s website, making it easy to navigate for slot players. 

2. What Kind of Payouts Do You Want?

Payouts are extremely important for slot players. Different slot machines provide different payouts, and your goals from your bet determine the slot machine you eventually pick. 

These payouts are also often called Return to Player (RTP). A slot machine with a 97% RTP will get you a probable 0.97-cent payout for every dollar you bet. This payout is often considered generous, and the rest goes to the house edge. 

However, slot players might pick a machine with a lower payout. They may go as low as 93%, which is a big leap. That is because every factor in a slot machine is interconnected. In short, the lower the RTP, the more the machine accumulates for a jackpot. In simple terms, lower RTP slots give a bigger jackpot!

3. How Often Do You Want to Win?

Since we are on the topic of a jackpot, let’s discuss the frequency of wins. How often you win is also predetermined based on the slot machine you choose. This depends entirely on you. Some slot machines might give smaller payouts more frequently. Others give huge jackpots after long breaks.

For our ease, let’s use casino lingo. Casinos term the frequency of payouts as volatility. A slot machine with high volatility has bigger payouts in the form of jackpots. However, they come after a long wait. 

Low volatility slots give small payouts at regular intervals. These are best for players who want to win often. These players might not be concerned about winning a larger amount as long as they keep winning. 

Deciding which slot machine to choose depending on volatility can help you win more often. This is because you will apply a betting strategy based on slot machine mechanics. Slot players at a machine with high volatility will be betting larger amounts to trigger that huge jackpot. Low-volatility players might be satisfied investing less and getting back smaller wins. 

4. Are You Looking for Extra Features? 

Another thing that can get you more wins is looking for extra features. Some slot machines might offer slot players bonus features. These bonus features are triggered in the same way as a win. 

As a bonus feature is triggered, the machine allows you to spin the wheel. This can get you to receive various prices, such as free spins! You can use this to play more games throughout the night. Who knows, you may even win some!

5. Do Reviews Matter to You? 

Last but not least are the slot machine reviews. Some slot players might depend on slot machine reviews to choose their machines. However, remember that no matter how good of a review a slot machine has, it will still provide random payouts. 

Never trust a review that says a slot machine gives more payouts than others. You should also avoid reviews that guide you to play a certain way or bet in a particular pattern to trigger a win. Since slots are random, this strategy will not work. 

Stick to the betting strategy you determined before entering the casino. This is what is going to get you through the night!

Slot machines in a casino.
Picture of slot machines in a casino.

Final Thoughts

There’s no such thing as a perfect slot machine. Different slot machines cater to different kinds of players. Figuring out which slot machine works best for you might lead to better and more consistent wins in the long run. 

Consider the RTP, volatility, and personal goals before investing in a slot machine. With the many slot players waiting their turn, make sure you choose the right one before it is too late. Once you have chosen a spot, don’t get up until you have bet that predetermined limit. 

Keep in mind that attempting to invest until you are out of your entire bankroll in one go isn’t a great idea. When trapped in a losing streak, it is best to get up while you have some bankroll. After all, you can always come back!

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