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So, what are bonus rounds, and how can they help you when playing slot machines? A slot machine is the simplest game you can play in the casino. All you need to do is hit a button and watch the slots spin. However, with ease comes a random chance. 

As you keep playing on the slot machine, you might get some advantages. This is not just limited to the jackpot building up. As the numbers and symbols spin and land on combinations, they can trigger certain bonuses that help you make more money.

The slot machine payouts depend on the house edge. You may only be able to make back a certain amount of the money you invested. However, you can make a lot more with benefits like bonus rounds and free spins.

Here’s why bonus rounds are important;

How Do Slot Machines Work? 

Slot machines allow you to earn the money that you have invested into the machine. You keep adding the coins and hoping the machine produces a big payout. However, since these payouts depend on random chance, there’s no strategy that you can apply. 

Moreover, even if the machine pays you a majority percentage of the amount you invested, you still pay a major chunk to the casino. This is true for all games in the casino. The losing amount is also never the same. With some bets, you might win a big jackpot. With others, you may lose everything. 

What Is the Role of Bonus Rounds? 

Why do bonus rounds matter, and what role do they play in slot machines? 

Understand that one of the main aims of the casino is to encourage players to keep playing long after they have exhausted their bankroll. The more they invest, the more money goes toward the house edge. 

This is achieved by making you believe you have a fair chance of winning. Casinos also incorporate quite a few tricks, such as the sounds and lights that provide a positive atmosphere for players. 

Recently, some slot machine games have introduced a bonus round that adds more attraction to the slot machine. Most of these bonus rounds involve players spinning an actual wheel. These bonus rounds are created thematically. Some may mimic popular TV shows, while others incorporate an element of board games.  

For some, the main attraction of slot machines is the bonus round. Since players spend a long time sitting at the machine and pressing a simple button, they need to break the monotony. This bonus round does exactly that. 

Does a Bonus Round Increase Payouts?

This is the million-dollar question, indeed. If you are sitting at that table, hitting the slot machine button again and again, you may wonder if you can do anything extra to improve your chances. What if you invested in that bonus round? 

If you are wondering whether it affects your payouts, let us assure you that it doesn’t. The bonus round may have other benefits, but it doesn’t affect the slot machine. You literally have to take a break and step away from the machine to spin that bonus wheel. 

Spinning a bonus round takes away from the main game for some slot machines. Your slot machine payout might be negatively affected just so you can get a chance to spin the wheel. Since the outcomes from the wheel can be phenomenal, you must lose some to win some!

How Are Bonus Rounds Financed?

As a frequent slot machine player, you might wonder where the money for bonus rounds comes from. The casino actually uses the money you added to the slots for the payouts into the bonus round and generates wins using the same investment. 

Keep in mind that your payouts are already cut short by the house edge. If the casino diverts a percentage of your payouts to the bonus rounds, you may only be winning a small amount through the slot machines. 

However, since the bonus rounds are beneficial, it is up to you to decide whether they are worth it. 

How Can I Trigger a Bonus Round?

If you have made up your mind and want to trigger a bonus round, here’s how they work;

Launching a bonus round is similar to getting a major payout or hitting the jackpot. You must get a row of special symbols that have been decided by the casino in advance. You might have to learn the rules and tricks to trigger the bonus round before playing. 

Bonus rounds don’t need a specific kind of bet to be triggered. However, some kinds of bonus rounds might need you to remain alert. For example, if you see a wheel pop up after you trigger a bonus round, you must spin it to get the bonus. However, most bonus rounds work entirely independently right after they are triggered. 

Keep in mind that you don’t need to invest anything to play the bonus round. In that way, they are free to play. If you make something from the bonus round, you essentially win from a 0-dollar bet. Some bonus rounds can get you free spins. The more free spins you get, the more you can win. 

Keep an eye out for retriggers. These are bonus rounds that can be replayed again and again until you have exhausted your limit!

Bonus rounds
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Final Thoughts

As is true for all side quests in your casino adventure, there are both advantages and drawbacks to every decision you make. It is up to you to decide which advantage you choose and the drawback you are willing to compromise on for the greater good. 

Keep in mind that bonuses can take away some payouts from the main game but allow you to win quite a lot if you end up gaining something from the spins. Keep your eye out for the bonuses and utilize them to the fullest. However, always remember the reduction in payouts and avoid last-minute disappointment.

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