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Slot Machine with Fruits

Why Slot Machines Use Fruit?

Slot machines use fruits primarily due to history. Card symbols were much more popular when slot machines were first introduced to the general public. However, people automatically associated cards with poker and, consequently, betting.  The slot machines quickly gained popularity as they switched from these symbols to more innocent and colorful icons. It was a...

Slot Machine at Casino

Do Slot Machines Involve Any Skill, or Are They All About Luck?

Contrary to popular belief, slot machines may not just involve dumb luck. There may not be much of a strategy involved, and they are completely randomized compared to blackjack or poker. However, that doesn’t mean it all depends on pure luck.  To win at slots, you need to do much more than press a button...

Winning Money by Chance

When Should You Walk Away From a Slots Machine?

Some people might be able to give up their losses and quit playing on the machine. However, not everyone can let go that easily. A casino is built around rolling dice to make some money based on random outcomes we can’t control. Add human emotion to that, and it can quickly become a recipe for...

Slot Machine Buttons

How Important Are Slot Hit Rates?

Slot hit rates are important if you want to win. Inside a casino, everything works with probability. This means you don’t have the control many humans crave in many risky situations. Since you are already risking a lot by betting on a machine that will determine your wins and losses based on random chance, it...

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