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Slots are becoming more popular day by day. Since there are many more slot games for players to explore, variations in betting are also common. When you enter the casino, you may encounter more than one kind of slot machine. 

These include penny, nickel, and dollar slots. Since the betting sizes for all of these slots are different, the volatility, payouts, and RTP will also differ. The slots you choose will ultimately determine the kinds of wins you get. 

Some of the key differences between penny, nickel, and dollar slots have been highlighted below. However, only when you play at these slot machines will you be able to figure out which works for you.

Penny Slots

Penny slots work much like other slot machines. They include 3-5 reels and can have multiple paylines. If you have a bigger bankroll to spend, you can play with multiple paylines. 

Penny slots became popular when they were first introduced simply because they catered to people with a smaller bankroll. As slot players began to visit the casino and win large jackpots in exchange for smaller bets, these slots became the main attraction point in many casinos. 

How They Work

Penny slots require you to add at least one penny or one cent for each spin on the slot machine. However, you can also go above that bet or use multiple paylines. This allows you to tweak your bet and increase the lines each time you need to go above that minimum bet.

Figuring out how to use your paylines to increase or decrease your risk and tweak your bets according to your bankroll is key to winning big jackpots. Remember, you can make it big even with smaller bets as long as you use them right.  

The Verdict

Penny slots are popular because they can produce bigger wins with less investment. However, they have a much lower RTP when compared to the dollar slots. Moreover, the more bets you invest into the slots, the more you are bound to lose. 

Nickel Slots

Nickel slots are a much rarer sight in most traditional casinos, but you might see them in some new ones. Nickel slots allow you to invest 5 cents into each pay line which might be a bit more expensive than penny slots, but it is still affordable. 

Similar to penny slots, the more paylines you invest in, the more you can win. However, more paylines also mean more bets, so be careful. Nickel slots have a higher RTP than penny slots, so you can expect more valuable payouts. 

Dollar Slots

These are the most important of the lot. Amongst all slot machines, dollar slots get you the most valuable payouts. You need to invest $1 for every spin, which makes them slightly more expensive. However, you tend to get bigger payouts here. 

The Positives

If you are a slot player looking to make more money, then dollar slots are the best pick. They get you much more payout in the form of jackpots. This makes them the ideal pick for professional slot players. 

The dollar slots also get you a much higher RTP than both of the other options described above. At some slots, the RTP can go up to 99%. However, keep in mind that RTPs at online casinos may differ, so make sure you read their terms and conditions before playing. 

The Negatives

Dollar slots are sometimes left behind in comparison with penny and nickel slots. The latter is much more preferred by players with a lower bankroll who are starting to explore slot machines. At dollar slots, the more paylines you add, the more exponentially your risk will rise. Choose wisely!

How to Choose Between Penny, Nickel, and Dollar Slot Machines? 

Wondering how you can choose between different slot machines? You must consider certain factors if you want to make the right decision;

1. What do you want to accomplish? 

Consider whether you want to keep playing for a longer time or desire more high-value jackpots. You must leave one advantage for the other. If you want to play longer, penny and nickel slots should be your pick. 

2. How much bankroll have you set aside? 

One of the biggest things that can affect your decision between different slot machines is your bankroll. How much have you set aside, and what is your budget? Where you draw the line will ultimately determine whether you can play dollar slots or not. 

3. Do you require bonus features? 

If you are looking for bonus features and have planned accordingly, you must look for a machine that offers you this advantage. Not all machines have bonus features; if you have allocated bankroll according to this, you must pick wisely. 

4. Are you playing online? 

If you have chosen to play online slots, you might be able to find many more options. However, land-based slot machines often provide limited scope. You may have your heart set on dollar slots but settle for penny slots because all of the dollar slot machines were occupied. 

5. What’s your personality type? 

Before investing in a certain kind of slot machine, ask yourself some questions regarding your personality type. Do big losses make you feel anxious? Are you just here to have some fun? If you answered yes to these questions, go for penny and nickel slots and slowly make your way up.

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Final Thoughts

The key differences between penny, nickel, and dollar slot machines can help you decide better once you enter the casino. Remember to keep your bankroll at the forefront of your mind. Unless you are sure about taking big risks, try to stick to smaller bets. 

Once you are done making that decision, remember to pace yourself. If you want to keep playing for long, take regular breaks, and don’t get caught up in that slot trance!

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