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Slots might be the fastest game in the casino. After all, all you need to really do is sit in front of a machine and keep pressing a button till you get a jackpot. This also makes it the easiest game to learn and play. 

However, for some casino players, even this is not fast enough. They don’t want to spend hours clicking a button and waiting for a good or bad outcome. Thus, they may choose to leave their game on autoplay and let the results surprise them.

Autoplay on slots can work in your favor if you play them right. However, one must take care not to let them go above and beyond your bankroll. The limits you set for yourself are necessary and important if you want to save your bankroll. 

What is Autoplay on Slots? 

Before understanding autoplay on slots, one must get the basic knowledge required to play a slot game. Slots are usually based on a machine that includes a button that needs to be pressed to place a bet. Over time, these bets can accumulate for a jackpot. 

Autoplay on slots exists in online slot games. Slot players can simply leave their slot machine to keep spinning on autoplay and invest a fixed sum of money. While they are away, they can play other games or put more slots on autoplay. 

Slot players usually do this to increase their chances of winning. However, this is a big risk in and of itself. Considering none of the slot machines lead to a win, they are in for a bigger loss overall because they have invested in many slot machines in one go. 

Pros of Autoplay on Slots

There are several advantages to keeping your slot game on autoplay. For slot players, these advantages go far beyond the ability to earn more profit.

1. Speed

Autoplay on slots leads to a much faster game and saves time for slot players. They no longer have to sit in front of a slot game and click to reveal outcomes one by one until they get a jackpot. They can explore many different machines in one go.

It is also much more convenient to keep multiple slots on autoplay and perhaps get some chores done meanwhile. You can play slots wherever and whenever with this strategy. Moreover, the more slots you play in less time, the more room for profit. 

2. Variety

Autoplay on slots is much like playing at multiple poker tables online. You get to explore many more machines and add your bet to different jackpots that have been building up over time. This means you are much more likely to win.

Compared to clicking away on one slot, now you are playing multiple machines at the same time. Before, you only had the probability of winning on that one slot machine. Now, there are more chances of you winning on at least one of those slot machines.

3. Technology

Autoplay on slots allows you to take advantage of technological advancements in slot machines. Different slots with the autoplay feature won’t just allow slot players to sit back and relax as the slot machine reels spin. They can assist the players with more features. 

This means that you can set betting limits, winning and losing restrictions, and even points where you want the autoplay to stop, just as bonuses and other offers. This allows you to control the autoplay without being involved in the spins. 

Cons of Autoplay on Slots

Despite the advantages of autoplay on slots, there are still some cons you need to consider. Here are a few;

1. Less Control

Keep in mind that autoplay on slots means your slot machine has taken over. From here forth, it will be making the decisions for you. Scratch that because the only decision is to bet! Your slot machine is not going to evaluate whether you are stuck in a losing streak and back away accordingly. 

Even if you get caught in a losing streak, your slot machine will keep going and lead to a major loss till it is scheduled to stop. If you were the one in control, you could use your intuition to stop ahead of time!

2. The Fun Factor

There’s a reason we play the slots. The slot machine is fun, and there is something exciting about sitting there and clicking away till you get that unexpected jackpot. Multiple slots left on autoplay may increase your chances but ruin the fun.

If you want to play the slots for fun, it is recommended you get involved in all aspects of the game. Furthermore, this can also lead to more conscious decisions and help you realize when it is time to step away. 

3. The Bets

When you leave slots on autoplay, you aren’t really applying any strategy to the slot machine. Even if the machine allows you to vary bets, it will only do that in a mechanical pattern. Unlike a slot player, it will not vary bet size based on gut feeling. 

This gut feeling can lead to big jackpots when you get lucky. With no variance in bet size, the game might lead to more wins, but the value of the wins may stay small. 

Autoplay on slots.
Picture of casino slot jackpots.

Final Thoughts

Autoplay on slots is exciting when you feel like you are in control. This is only possible if you have the experience to back that decision. At the end of the day, it is hard to figure out whether your bankroll can bear autoplay. 

If you are unsure, it is best to keep playing the traditional game until you understand the autoplay feature better. You can also try a few games in online casinos to get a feel of this feature. 

In case you are looking for more wins and have the bankroll required, go ahead and invest in the autoplay feature!

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