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A slot machine might let you win at random intervals depending on its volatility. However, one thing is for sure. Everyone loses to a slot machine at least once in their lifetime. Slot players know this fact and come prepared to the casino for the risk they are willing to take. 

However, most players wonder whether they are doing something wrong. This thought usually comes to the surface after a long streak of losses and hours spent behind the machine with no payouts. Surprisingly, even with the slot machine, there are things you could do to increase wins. 

Some slot players continue to stick to their regular strategies and play without considering changing it up. If they gravitate to the same slot each night, and their bankroll doesn’t match, this could get them more losses. Here are five reasons you might be losing more often;

1. You Don’t Know About Volatility

The volatility of payouts received through a certain slot machine should be used to tweak that bankroll. In fact, you should base your betting strategy entirely on slot volatility. This can at least let you minimize your losses before a jackpot. 

Volatility is easy to master. Slots with high volatility will not pay that often, but when they do, it is a much bigger amount. On the other hand, slot players investing in low-volatility slots will get a small profit every once in a while. But a higher payout is much rarer. 

Keep in mind that you should choose a slot according to your bankroll and goals. If you have a smaller bankroll, you might want to get a lot of smaller wins to keep getting motivated to play. You also don’t want to lose it all in one go. 

People with a higher bankroll can take more risks. They can also afford to bet a lot higher to be able to hit a bigger jackpot once the machine declares them as winners!

2. You Believe in Hot and Cold Slots

There is no such thing as a hot and cold slot machine. Remember that if a machine gets hot or cold and produces jackpots accordingly, it is probably flawed. 

One of the best things about the slots is that they are perfectly random. So, they might not get you wins every time. But you can be sure that the next person is going to lose just as much and as often as you will. 

There is something wrong with a slot machine that gets hot or cold and produces more jackpots when it has been triggered by many players that came before you. This means that players can observe and utilize this flaw to get an unfair advantage. 

Most machines are perfect and computerized. You will be getting wins depending on random chance. In case you depend on hot and cold slots, you will only be disappointed. 

3. You Get Sucked into the Slot Machine Zone

Quite like poker players on the tilt, slot players can often get sucked into a slot machine zone. This also sucks out their inhibitions and pushes them into a frenzy where they play without any rationality. It is a dangerous situation which is best avoided. 

The slot machine zone might leave certain players acting like casino zombies. The hours they have invested into the slot machine have added to their tunnel vision. It can be hard to get out of this trance-like state and step away from the machine or play smart.

The worst part of the state is that, despite losing, players simply can’t step away. Since stepping away from a bad streak can save you money, this inability can get them in danger. 

The easiest way to avoid this zone is to take regular breaks and have a set bankroll. Restrictions can keep you on track and help you play rationally. 

4. Consider the RTP

The RTP or the Return to Player is a percentage of your bet you can earn if you are playing the slots. The rest goes to the house edge. 

Before understanding RTP, one must know exactly how the house edge works. The house edge is the percentage of your bet that goes to the casino. It uses this to improve its services or provide you the entertainment you love. 

An RTP of 97% would mean that for every 100 dollars you bet, you can get 97 dollars in return. Slots with higher RTP are much more volatile, while others aren’t. Yet again, you must decide which one to choose according to your bankroll. 

5. Don’t Eat or Drink Mindlessly

Casinos often provide slot players the luxury of eating or drinking at the slot machine. Avoid this as this can lower your inhibitions or simply provide you with enough comfort to never step away from the slots. 

As you keep clicking on those slots without taking any breaks, you might not get the rest your brain requires to make educated and calculated decisions. Consuming alcohol or munching mindlessly can encourage the brain to make decisions without thinking. 

Try to get up and take regular breaks. If you can, try the roulette wheel just to switch it up. Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn much. All you need to do is bet and watch the wheel spin! It is just as easy as the slots. 

Gambler pressing slot machine button.
Picture of a gambler pressing a slot machine button.

What’s Next? 

The best way to win at slots is to first learn why you lose. There’s no shame in losing at a slot machine. The game is built on a “try, try again” slogan; the more you play, the more chances you have of winning. 

However, don’t get caught up in this mindset. It isn’t wise to keep pressing that button and praying to the casino gods to help you win. At some point, stepping away is a wise decision. Make sure you choose this before your bankroll is fully spent. 

No matter what you do, don’t go beyond your bankroll. The worst thing you can do is borrow money from someone to play a few games. This is a slippery slope that can land you in trouble down the line. 

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