Roulette and Slots at a Casino
A casino’s glittering lights and jackpot bells might take you far away from the outside world. The casino is quite like Narnia, hiding a whole new world at some corner of the street. However, this world may pose certain dangers. 

One of the dangers is assuming that you can guess when a jackpot will occur. Most games in the casino, including slots, are built on random chance. When you assume the outcomes of hot vs. cold slots will differ, you might face more losses. 

There are no hot slots or cold slots in most casinos. In fact, hot and cold slots can only exist where there is a malfunctioning slot machine. Since casinos in the 21st century are almost always dependent on computerized software, this is nearly impossible. 

What are Hot vs. Cold Slots? 

Do you remember that episode in “Friends” where Phoebe catches a lurker in the casino? This person goes around the casino, looking for machines that have been warmed up by people. 

The minute Phoebe steps away from the machine, after having played for a long time, the lurker swoops in and hits the jackpot on the first try. 

Many pop culture references, seasons, and movies have led us to believe that cold slots exist. These slots have been warmed up by people to produce a big win at a certain time. 

Hot Slots

Hot slots are those that have been producing jackpots, one after the other. They are providing their players with wins and have been doing so for a while. You can also say that the slot machine is on a winning streak. 

Slot players may assume that it is beneficial to play on hot slots as they are more likely to produce a win. Since the slots are already on a winning streak, the player will invest in the slot, believing it will keep providing them a win.

Cold Slots

As the name suggests, cold slots haven’t produced a win for quite some time. Many players have come and gone, but the slot refuses to spit out that jackpot that has been building up for a while. 

This is where the lurker from “Friends” steps in. She has been eyeing Phoebe for a while now. As soon as Phoebe warms up that slot, she turns it from cold to hot. Now is when the lurker can swoop in and take advantage of the triggered jackpot. 

The Myth of Hot vs. Cold Slots

Now that you know what hot and cold slots are, you may wonder if they even exist. Here’s why hot slots and cold ones are a myth;

1. The Inherent Nature of Casino Games

Hot vs. cold slots go against the inherent nature of the games in the casino. People step into the casino because they know everyone has an equal chance of winning. If hot and cold slots existed, people wouldn’t win based on random chance. They’d have an unfair advantage. 

Hot and cold slots come with the basic assumption that you can observe a slot machine and swoop in when it is about to produce a win. But a slot machine can’t produce predictable wins. The computerized systems used in the machine will never allow hot and cold slots to occur. 

2. The Casino

Hot vs. cold slots aren’t beneficial to the casino. Since it is based on people betting on random chance, that is what produces that house edge. If people could cheat, what would be the point of playing? 

Moreover, the slots’ entertainment value also depends on random chance. A casino will never allow a broken machine to exist as it can easily determine when players receive biased wins. 

The machines now use a system that doesn’t just produce wins but also tracks them over time. Skilled analysts will carefully review all the wins and determine whether the machine is performing as it should. 

3. The Players

Hot vs. cold slots aren’t something slot players like. Since players bet on machines in the casino to get those random wins, they don’t want anything to interfere with that mechanism. In fact, if they notice anyone cheating at the casino, they usually report it to the authorities. 

Players simply will not let hot or cold slots last. Plus, it is easy to figure out that a slot isn’t working properly, even in one day. Moreover, if the players had to play a game that worked on some form of skill, they would have resorted to blackjack or poker. 

Can We Use Hot vs. Cold Slots?

Hot and cold slots can be used to your advantage in casinos where these slots exist. Remember that these machines are usually broken or biased, which is why they are dealing these unfair wins. 

If you observe long enough, you might notice a pattern. This will allow you to use hot slots and cold ones in unique ways. You might be better off betting with hot slots because the slot produces more wins. In the case of cold slots, you should wait until enough players have warmed up the slot. 

However, this can also go horribly wrong. For example, hot slots might stop producing wins when you sit on that seat. On the other hand, cold slots might never produce a win in the first place. Thus, it is best to stick to betting strategies you can trust instead of resorting to hot vs. cold slots. 

Woman playing on a slot machine.
Picture of a woman playing on a slot machine.

To Sum it Up

Be better than the lurker in Friends! It is best to understand the slot machine and adjust betting strategies according to what you learn. In casino games that are based entirely on chance, the final outcome will be determined by lady luck. Don’t try to trick her!In most casinos, lurkers are escorted out of the casino. Even if you find a machine with hot and cold slots, you might not be able to use it for long. Thus, depending on your skill is best!

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