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Depending on the kind of player you are, you can pick almost any game in the casino. However, choose wisely, as the game can decide how much you win and lose. Some games require a lot of strategies to be mastered, yet they give you ample control over your wins. Others don’t require learning but are completely random. 

The one game suitable for all casino players, whether professionals or amateurs, is slots. Slot machines are relatively easier and safer for a player who is just starting or a professional looking to take a break. 

Slot machines may not offer better odds than poker, but they can surely help some players win more. At a poker game, your luck and your skill can get you to lose. However, you just need to deal with lady luck at slot machines. 

Why are Slot Machines Better than Poker

Some of the reasons slot machines are a lot better than poker include the following;

1. Slot Machines are For Introverts 

Slot machines are the best game for you if you don’t like dealing with many people. Unlike poker, slot machines don’t depend on a dealer or the players in the casino. You can just sit in front of a slot machine and keep playing till you are tired. 

During a game of poker, you may need to use a lot of energy to interact with the dealer. You must also maintain that poker face and play with the players’ psyche. With slots, you just need to play the machine. 

You can sidestep this poker disadvantage by playing online poker. However, you still need to interact with the dealer and the players, even if it is through a computer screen. Plus, you miss out on the fun of being in the casino. With slots, you can get that casino vibe and not have to interact with anyone simultaneously. 

2. Slot Machines are for Beginners

Slot machines are flexible and accessible to beginners. People starting their betting journey might be looking for games they can squeeze into without much background knowledge. Slot machines are easier to play than poker, which you have to learn.

Understanding the poker mumbo jumbo and the mathematics that forms the basis of every poker strategy might take years. Slot machines take a second. All you have to do is sit in front of the machine and pull the lever to watch the reels spin. 

Slot machines aren’t completely unpredictable. Different slots provide different outcomes, and you can always choose the slot that suits you best. There are high and low volatility slots, and how you spend your money can determine your wins and losses. 

3. Slot Machines are Less “Slow and Steady”

Slot machines offer you quicker jackpots which can help you earn much more in one win. You don’t need to make a career through slot machines; one win can get you millions. With poker, you may need to keep accumulating your wins for a long time before you make a sufficient amount. 

Unlike slot machines, poker is a lot slower in terms of wins. You need to spend a lot of energy and money to get those jackpots. However, with slots, the jackpots build over time. The more people pool in, the more the jackpot swells until it bursts, offering you a big win. 

You can sit near a slot machine and keep playing for hours without any disturbance. You don’t have to slow down or speed up at another player’s convenience. Keep building the jackpot and wait till the machine gets you that win. 

4. It is Harder to Get Bored at Slots

There is only one way to play poker. However, thousands of casinos offer multiple variations of the slots with reels featuring fruits, popular characters, and exciting themes. You won’t get bored at a slot machine as it keeps changing. 

You may get tired of playing the same poker variation and sitting at a table with serious players trying to get the best of one another. Poker does allow you more luxurious perks, but the whole point of those perks is to keep you entertained. 

The lights and action surrounding slot machines will never tire you. In fact, most slot players are looking for ways to take a break and avoid spending too much time at the slots. 

5. Online Slots are Much More Attractive

Slots love to mix and match for their players to keep them from getting bored and leaving the game early. Online slots are no exception. Apart from the exciting interface, online slots also allow a lot of bonuses that poker doesn’t. 

Your online slots can help you win through free spins and other bonuses that will keep you playing for longer. Slot machines encourage you to play for fun. The more you play, the more advantages you can receive. 

Keep in mind that online poker is much different and may not offer you a lot of bonuses. It is a straightforward game with less room for excitement and much higher stakes. This is why slot machines can be a good option for a beginner. 

Slot Machines Buttons
Picture of slot machines buttons.

Final Thoughts

In the battle between slot machines and poker, what comes out on top depends on your unique skills. Poker is best for people who like to have some control over their wins and can spend a lot of time learning strategy and the game. 

Slot machines are much more lighthearted and allow you to make bigger profits in the short term. They can be a great respite from the other, more serious games at the casino. Keep in mind that slot machines are much riskier due to the house edge, so don’t spend your money without setting a bankroll. 

If you want to give both games a go, try to keep playing slots and learning poker on the side so you can master both. Slowly transition to the world of poker and try your luck. Testing the waters may cause some initial losses, but it will be worth it!

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