Variable Online Slots RTP
Online slots have been around for a while. Developers have been fortunate enough to stick to a single RTP with most online casino partners. However, the picture is different nowadays. You may find a few online slots with a single RTP figure. Developers have revised their approach towards slot-based games. Casino partners get more flexibility from developers in the form of variable online slots RTP. Is this a problem for online slot players? 

Let’s dive into the details to understand how variable online slots RTP can be hard for slot players to swallow. 

Variable Online Slots RTP – An Overview 

If you need clarification with what we described above, let us elaborate on the idea of variable RTP on online slots for a better understanding. Variable RTP means variable payout percentages across various casinos. When using online slots, you may notice a variable RTP. Some developers list RTP variations to casino partners to allow them to choose one for each slot. 

The number of RTP options may vary based on developers. Typically, you may observe 3-5 variable RTP options. You may not be concerned about the RTP variation across online casinos when playing your favorite slot once every few weeks. However, the variation may cause problems for frequent online slot players. We will talk more about it in the sections below. 

Where Did the Variable RTP Concept Come from? 

You may not be alone if you wonder why there is an ongoing debate about variable RTP these days. Originally, the practice was limited to land-based casinos and development teams. In fact, this is how most casinos across major cities have operated for many years. Online casinos remained out of the variable RTP bubble for a long time until recent years. 

Of course, the variable plan has much to do with favoring casinos. Variable payout percentages may not let slot players stick to a single game plan. You may have to do your research and take expert insights before choosing a new online platform to play slots. 

For instance, Nolimit City is a famous online gaming platform that has attracted many slot players. Not many may know that the platform is indulged in the variable RTP practice for a while. The developers allow casino partners to choose from various RTP options to suit their preferences. 

The trend is spreading faster than expected. More developers are opting for this practice nowadays. Moreover, there is a brighter chance of seeing more online platforms listing RTP options to casino partners soon. 

Why is Variable RTP a Problem?

On the whole, the concept may be right. However, there are some problems associated with it. On top of everything, variable payout percentages have seen a downtrend in most online platforms. Many developers may offer less than 98%, 97%, or 96% RTP figures. Instead, you may find 28% and 24% options for most casino partners. 

Since the casino industry picks a trend and adopts it across the board, online slot players may face a negative impact on the situation. If you were able to get higher payouts from your favorite slot, there is a good chance you may not find the same returns anymore.

Variable Online Slots RTP
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From a player’s perspective, having a set of RTP options to pick from is not a good idea. Players often fail to lower their payout expectations and find an uncalled-for surprise when playing online slots. 

How to Get High RTP on Online Slots? 

Although there isn’t much we can do about it unless we are developers, you can try a few things to increase your chances of getting high RTP figures. 

Make a Habit of Checking the Information Screen 

You should check the information screen beforehand when you access an online platform to play slots. The info section often highlights the payout percentages for players. The payout trend can help you identify whether the platform has a lower-than-average RTP. While true, you may only have the option to check the payout percentages on some platforms. 

Some developers are kind enough to be transparent with the players. However, others may leave little room for players to see what they will get back from the slots. To avoid any surprises, you can avoid playing such online slots. 

Notice the Casino Payout Trends

If you are a frequent slot player, you may have a few platforms in your mind that pay better than the rest. To enjoy high RTP figures on online slots, you may notice the online casino payout trends to have a clear picture in your mind. Some platforms consistently offer lower payouts to slot players every time they play. If you notice such a trend, look for other platforms with better payout trends. 

Frequent slot players need help remembering the payout figures on most online slots. To avoid bumping into the same wall, you can take down notes with percentages or payout figures. 

Check Online Slot Reviews 

No source is more credible than the slot players themselves. To avoid landing in lower RTP slots, you may check online slot reviews posted by expert players. Several online forums bring slot and other casino players together for regular insights and tips. These forums can help find online slots that pay higher than the rest. 

While you explore tips on online slot forums, you should check multiple user reviews to take a specific direction. Each player has a different slot experience. Some experiences may fall along the same line, while others may confuse you with contrasting opinions. 

Wrapping Up 

Online slots are the center of attention for most players worldwide. While true, the variable online slots RTP figures may raise concerns among players in the long run. With more players switching to online casinos, developers have found a way to establish a unique house edge for most casinos by varying the payout percentages. To find out more information in this regard, you may refer to some expert online forums or talk to a slot expert. 

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