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There’s no surety to winning at slots. Casino games are randomized to provide everyone with simple and consistent opportunities. You can strategize your way out of poker and blackjack losses, but slot machines are the most random games in the casino. 

In these instances, when slot streamers attempt casino streaming, it is hard to believe everything they say. Some of their mannerisms might point to cheating or fake wins and losses for the viewers. Oftentimes a gambler might not even be using real funds to gamble. 

Since we cannot keep up with these streamers all day, there is no way to make sure whether all of it is staged. However, people who know Twitch streaming and other platforms have experienced fakers before. These are people who fake their wins or losses to increase their views. 

It is important to steer clear of them as they can lead you toward an affiliate that will exploit your money. This article analyzes fake streamers and warning signs that can help you spot them. However, keep in mind that not all slot streamers are fake. 

What is a Slot Streamer, and How Can They Fake it?

A slot streamer is someone who livestreams slot bets. This live streaming has been popular for almost a decade as the internet has become faster and more accessible. Slot streamers are casino visitors who usually film themselves while playing slots. 

Slot streamers can be real or fake. Authentic streamers will often visit casinos to educate their viewers on how to play and connect them to the best casinos. In return, they may get more money to play or sponsorships. However, fake streamers produce fake content which can mislead slot players. 

Streamers who provide their audience with a look into how they play slots are much like gamers producing walkthroughs. A slot stream is essentially a walkthrough of slots that can give insight into the best way to play the same. 

Fake streamers will exploit this opportunity to increase visitation for an affiliate that might not be worth your time. This might make you seem like the affiliate’s slots are more profitable, which is false information. 

How to Spot a Fake Slot Streamer

With all the fake streamers present online, it is essential that you learn to spot fake streamers. The following signs can make a fake slot streamer stand out;

1. They Resort to Low-Quality Casinos

Fake streamers will often play only at the lowest quality casinos which you might have never heard of. This is because these casinos need them to promote the platform, which isn’t worth your while. Low-tier casinos also don’t shy away from illegal ways to gain visitors, which is the perfect opportunity for fake slot streamers to exploit your money. 

2. They Fake Jackpots

If you have been spotting a particular streamer winning way too many jackpots on low-quality casinos, perhaps it is time to conduct a background check. You don’t win that many jackpots that often at a game like slots. 

Slot players can easily log into the websites of these low-quality casinos and check their caps and jackpot terms. This is a great way to catch fake streamers red-handed. 

3. They Reel You In Using Fake Views

Fake views, followings, and likes aren’t just limited to Instagram or Facebook. Streamers on YouTube and Twitch also tend to fake their views and followers just to make it appear as if they are authentic. However, these viewers will never be seen engaging on the live chat. In fact, fake streamers’ live chats are almost always dead. 

How to Deal with Fake Slot Streamers

With the many fake slot streamers out there, it is vital to take recommended steps to deal with them. The money made by these fraudsters is essentially leeched from your accounts, transported to the casinos, and added to their pockets. Why should they get away with it? 

1. Accept that Fake Streamers Exist

The first step to solving a problem is accepting that it exists. You must be aware that fake streamers exist and that not every streamer is an authentic slot player. Don’t trust your streamers blindly. 

Understand the difference between a real win and a fake one. Real wins may boast jackpots once in a while, with the occasional smaller win scattered about much more frequently. 

Stop supporting fake streamers by ignoring their videos or disliking them. This is so that more people are aware that the channel promotes fraudulent activity. 

2. Raise Your Voice

Once you know that a streamer is fake, raise your voice and let other people know. Get to the live chats or comments to notify players of their fake techniques. Use the signs mentioned above to identify a fake streamer and confirm before launching into action. 

3. Don’t Trust Every Streamer

If a streamer tells you to visit a slot machine platform, don’t just trust everything they say. Conduct your own research, as that may save you from a fraudulent platform in the future. 

Female Gambler Celebrating Win
Picture of a female gambler celebrating a win.

Final Thoughts

Fewer people trust everything they hear or see online as the world gains more awareness regarding fake streamers versus the real ones. This is a great change since it is about time we stopped supporting casinos that aren’t looking out for their players. 

We must also support the platforms that encourage authentic streamers and discourage fake ones. These platforms are looking out for us instead of the low-quality casinos that rip off their visitors. 

Stay vigilant and raise your voice against anything that doesn’t add up. Look for players that consistently win the bigger jackpots. After all, a slot machine isn’t random if it always favors one player. 

Avoid fake streamers and try to make your own decisions regarding the platforms you trust. Go for high-quality platforms that will give you better value for your money.

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