Slot machine games.
Have you ever wondered why slot machines are so addictive? How do they keep you playing for hours without a will to get up and leave the casino? Is there an inherent mechanism that keeps you playing, or is it something else? 

Surprisingly, the inherent structure of the slot machines drives many players to keep pushing those buttons long after their bankroll has been depleted. For some, distinguishing rational decisions from their emotions becomes hard during a game. 

Slot players must strive to rise above the casino’s tactics to keep you playing and focus on rational decisions. Once you feel like you are caught in a bad streak, it is advisable to get up and leave. Come back when you feel better about your odds!

Here are some things casinos use to keep you playing;

1. The Room

As soon as you enter the casino, you are immediately pulled to the slot machine. This is because most slot machines are built in a way that makes them stand out. They offer some of the highest house edges, so players might not gravitate toward them otherwise. 

Despite the obvious risk of betting on a slot machine, most players are attracted to it anyways. This is because of the flash, sounds, and encouraging signs surrounding it. All of these are used to make players believe winning at a slot machine isn’t hard. In fact, it is guaranteed!

However, this is far from the truth. Slot players must rise above the glitz and glam of the casino and see the machine for what it is; just another game in the casino that can either produce a win or a loss. You are just as likely to lose at a slot machine, so bet wisely!

2. The Machine

The slot machine is built in a way that keeps you attached to it for as long as possible. The graphics and the way it is structured keep you in the corner of the room, away from distractions. Moreover, since there are never any windows in the casino and you can usually eat and drink at the slot machine, you don’t notice the time passing. 

Often, players may enter a trance that pushes them to put their entire focus on winning. They keep investing in the slot machine long after they have realized that a win is impossible. However, to regain what they have lost, they may continue to play. 

Casinos keep them playing by keeping them comfortable. Anything a player needs will eventually be provided to them near the slot machine. They may never have to leave!

3. The Bonuses

Some of the biggest incentives casinos you to keep players at the slot machines are their incentives. These come in the form of free spins and bonuses. These are definitely beneficial if used properly. However, they can never replace an actual win!

Players may keep losing and eventually run out of bankroll. However, they are urged to keep playing through the free spins and bonuses, which allow them to believe they are winning something in the game. This is used by casinos to keep players at the slot machine for some time. 

Not all bonus and free spin offers are evil! In fact, a casino is only trying to increase its house edge. You can use their tactics to help you win! Use the bonuses and free spins cleverly instead of your money to keep playing. However, don’t get caught up in a slot machine that has turned cold!

4. The Ease

Casinos make it extremely easy for players to keep playing on slot machines. Unlike other games like blackjack and poker, you don’t have to learn a lot to play the slots. All you need to know is how to hit a button or pull a lever. 

This immediately points us to an obvious fact; most slot wins are based on pure luck. You can use betting strategies, but you might not be able to influence an outcome. Games like poker allow you to use skills to get the upper hand.

You must decide if slot machines are your style. If you are more interested in having control over your wins, you should try some of the other games at the casino. However, slot machines are the best pick if you want to try winning without learning. 

5. Drinks

One of the most important tactics usually incorporated into most casino strategies is drinks. Once you enter the casino, you may receive many things that push you to keep playing. This includes drinks that dull the senses. Once you begin to rely on alcohol in the casino, your losses may increase. 

We understand that drinks are a part of the appeal of the casino. There’s nothing wrong with a friendly drink or two throughout the night. However, relying on a drink to win the game may not be a great approach. 

Slot players should stay away from alcoholic beverages if they want to win. When you put your bankroll on the line, you may need your inhibitions to keep you in line! After all, you don’t want to play more than your bankroll is worth!

 Slot machines with jackpots.
Picture of a slot machine with a jackpot.

Final Thoughts

Believe it or not, casinos aren’t really out to get you! Sure, they may incorporate a few tactics to keep you playing, but isn’t that true for all games? In fact, most advertisement and marketing techniques do the same. 

As slot players, it is up to us to decide when we have had enough of a game. A great technique is to take frequent breaks. You can set alarms if you want a quick reminder. However, occasionally stepping out of the casino is a great way to refresh the mind. 

Making better decisions in the casino is up to you. The casinos can only help so much. After a certain point, the wins and losses are in your hand!

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