Regular slots vs. progressive slots.
So, what’s all this fuss we hear amongst slots players regarding the types of slots to play? Weren’t all slots made to fulfill the same purpose? Don’t they all work the same way? Contrary to popular belief, you can play many different kinds of slots. 

You may wonder whether regular slots are better suited to your style. Or should you go for progressive slot machines? Like all games at the casino, slots also allow you to bring your unique personality into the mix. 

Eventually, you need to analyze the kind of player you are and determine which slot appeals to your personality and betting style the most. Regular slots might not offer a big payout, but they aren’t as risky. However, the choice is yours at the end of the day!

What are Regular Slots

If you find yourself asking the internet for a basic definition of regular slots, don’t worry! They are easy to understand. There’s also a slight chance you already know what they are and have played them before. 

All kinds of slots have jackpots. If they didn’t have any, players would not really care for the slot machines. However, in the case of regular slots, the jackpots are not progressive. Since progressive means something that “progresses” with time, this means regular slots and jackpots stay fixed. 

Despite regular slots having jackpots, these jackpots will not change over time. They will be the same amount each time a player manages to win, despite how many times the machine has already provided a jackpot. 

Note that these slots are usually designed for players who want to keep playing longer. They often have smaller payouts and involve cute symbols that are easy to remember. Moreover, how much you win in the jackpot usually depends on how much you have a bet. 

Most regular slots will provide payouts based on a multiplier. For example, if a slot provides a 200x payout when you win, it will multiply your bet by 200 and produce your jackpot accordingly. 

What are Progressive Jackpot Slots? 

Most professional slots players go for progressive jackpot slots. These function differently, and the payout structure varies. Since the wins are progressive, they change with time. The progressions are also dependent on different factors.

The jackpot is built whenever a player makes a bet or wins. It eats those bets and gets bigger and bigger until it is triggered. Once triggered, it produces jackpots worth up to millions of dollars. These are the slots that players become famous for playing. 

Remember that once you trigger a jackpot, it will return to the baseline and start from 0. As more players use the machine, it will begin to build again. 

If you are planning on getting more wins through a progressive jackpot slot, you must try online slots. Many of the slots we use today combine wins from all over the world, allowing you to access a much larger jackpot from the comfort of your home!

How to Choose

If you are wondering how you can choose between different kinds of slots, it may depend on the following factors; 


The slots you choose ultimately depend on your personality. This forms your goals from the casino. Do you hope to win in big numbers, or are you happy playing for small amounts? Regular slots can also give you bigger wins, and you can easily find one with a bigger multiplier. 

For players hoping to win larger amounts, progressive jackpots are a great choice, as they can allow players to win millions of dollars in one go. This is for those players who hope to make it big overnight and get famous through their wins. However, these are slightly riskier. 


How much you can possibly win from a slot eventually forms the odds. Everything may be up to chance when you are playing the slots, but even this chance follows a unique set of rules based on probability. 

One of the things that can impact your wins is the house edge. This is how much the house (casino) is supposed to make off every dollar that you bet. Moreover, your RTP (return to player) is also important if you want a specific percentage that dictates your odds to you.

Understanding the odds in a regular slot machine is much easier as it is straightforward. However, progressive jackpot slots become difficult to understand as the rules are tougher. Some machines may work with a combination of symbols, while others include bonus wheels. Since progressive slots offer more, they have less RTP and more of a house edge. 

Moreover, if you are particularly possessive about your bet, you might not like progressive jackpot slots giving all of your hard-earned money to the next player. Usually, players who end up taking away billions have earned that amount through the previous players’ bets. For some slot players, this is a hard concept to digest.

What Matters the Most? 

The best way to figure out which slot to choose is to ask yourself what matters the most for you. Which slot provides you with everything you need from a slot machine, and why are you more inclined to invest in that particular slot machine? 

Ask yourself what you need from your wins. Do they need to be big just once in your lifetime, or do you genuinely like sitting at the slot machine for long periods? Progressive slots are advantageous but aren’t worth the risk for players who don’t care much about the wins. 

However, regular slots will never take you from rags to riches overnight. They are pretty straightforward and usually spell out your probable wins beforehand. You might not get those millions you are looking for.

Players playing regular slots.
Picture of slot players.

Tip: Observe

Before picking a slot, observe and analyze whether a slot machine has been building up for a while or has just been emptied. If it is bursting to the brim, investing the money into that machine would be wise. However, if it has recently been drained, you can resume playing the regular slots until the progressive jackpot slots become beneficial. 

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