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Slot machine payouts are based on random chance, and anytime a player gets a jackpot, you can depend on the randomness of that result. This is so no player can predict how often a slot machine gives the payouts and when they are expected. 

However, some slot machines offer more payouts than others. Similarly, others allow you to tweak your play and findings to get more wins. Advantage play slots strategies allow you to use your knowledge of different kinds of slots to get more wins. Here’s a guide on how you can use them to get more wins!

What are Advantage Play Slots Strategies? 

If you are wondering what advantage play slot strategies are, you are not alone. Many slot players visit the casino and immediately get confused once they see the many options they have. You can pick regular slots or progressive slots, depending on your preferences.

Advantage play slots strategies allow you to get an advantage by playing the slot according to its type. The more you know about the slot, the more advantage you have. 

However, you cannot always find a slot machine that changes its outcomes. Most casinos are dependent on regular slots. Thus, you may need to search the net for a slot that fulfills your requirements.

How to Win Through Advantage Play Slots Strategies

There are many ways you can win using advantage play slots strategies. Here’s how to master the slots in the casino;

1. Play According to Slot Type

Understand all the different slot types that you may encounter in a casino and play accordingly. For example, a progressive slot might give you wins every once in a while when it has accumulated enough of the players’ bets. So you must wait and watch.

Never play the progressive slot when it has just been depleted. Instead, wait for it to accumulate enough money and be filled to the brim until you try your luck. The same goes for slots that are supposed to produce payouts before they reach a certain number. Try to time it right and play just before the number is reached. 

2. Notice the Players

Keep observing other slot players and note everything they are doing. If you have been eyeing a particular slot machine, try to observe the slot player that is playing before you. You could even wait for a slot machine to be built up by that player and swoop in once they give up!

However, try not to exploit other slot players. Wait for your turn and learn as much as you can from the experienced players! Some machines might provide bonuses once a certain collection has been reached or if the slot has been played a certain number of times. These slots are called “advantage slots” as they provide players with an advantage over others. 

You can get the benefits of these slots if you pay attention. All you need to do is keep your eyes and ears open!

3. Payouts Matter

Anytime you are trying to decide between two slots or wondering which one you should choose, remember that payouts matter. These are determined by RTP or return to the player, which can be calculated by subtracting the house edge.

The house edge is a specific amount the casino receives for providing the slots. The rest goes to the players. Slots with a higher RTP can get you much more quality wins. In fact, the more you play at those slots, the better your chances. 

Bonus Tip: Look for the Bonus!

This time, the bonus tip is the bonus! Once you begin playing the slots, you may realize the importance of additional spins and bonuses that the casino provides. Not all wins come in the form of money, and the more free spins and bonuses you get, the longer you can play. 

Today, it isn’t uncommon for people to be attracted to the slots by casinos that offer bonuses on each slot. These encourage the players to keep playing as they know that even if they do not get a win in the form of money, they may get bonuses. 

Important Considerations

Do not be tricked by promotions and bonuses that are simply designed to attract you to the casino. Even the bonuses must be viewed and carefully analyzed before they are picked, as not all bonuses are beneficial to every player.

For example, in order to trigger bonuses on some slots, it is essential for players to deposit a certain amount as their bet. If you don’t have that in your bankroll, it is essential to avoid the bonus and play as you normally would. 

Moreover, slots can also allow some players to fall into a trance. This is because the placement of slot machines and the intense focus on the screen can make players forget about the world that exists beyond the casino. 

To escape this tunnel vision, try to set regular alarms and take breaks so that you can refresh and rejuvenate your mind, making it ready for the upcoming wins and losses that do not push you to make irrational and emotional decisions. 

 Slot players playing the slots.
Picture of slot machine.

Final Thoughts

You must understand that advantage play slots strategies aren’t everything. Slot players must depend mostly on the random chance offered by the casino. This means that no amount of observation is going to help you determine when the slot is going to provide a jackpot. 

However, there is no harm in analyzing players and the slot payouts to get a slight advantage when you are dealing with ruthless fates. The tips provided above can help you enjoy the slots for longer, pick better slot machines, and lead you to a win more often. 

After all, even if you can’t get win, observing players and slot machines can help you learn much more about the game, which will inevitably help more in the long run. 

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