Biggest Slot Machine Jackpots
What are some of the biggest slot machine wins you have witnessed? Is winning at the slot machine as frequent as winning at poker or blackjack? How much can you win? 

People have made history at slot machines. Many players have gotten away with more than a couple of dollars in the past! Here are 10 of the biggest slot machine wins of all time;

1. The $43 Million Sphinx Slot Win

A Katrina Bookman bagged this significant amount in August 2016 at the Resort World Casino in New York. Katrina had been gambling for quite some time, but it wasn’t a frequent event. This was a mere whim. 

Her win came from the Sphinx machine, which provided her with a $42.9 million winning ticket. However, Katrina never received her money due to the maximum limit of the machine. This is why they say you should always be careful with slot machine wins!

2. $39.7 Excalibur Pokie Win

In 2003, a 25-year-old software engineer won around $39.7 million through a Megabucks slot machine in the Excalibur Casino. This was the biggest casino slots win at the time. Like all big slot victories, this was also won on a whim while waiting for a basketball game. 

He bet $100, which soon returned him $39.7 million. 

3. The Waitress Who Won $34.9 Million

It isn’t every day that a waitress turns into a millionaire. Cynthia Jay Brennan visited the Desert Inn Casino one day, where she was pleasantly surprised by the slot machine that won her $34.9 million within an hour. What a great intrusion in an otherwise dull day!

4. The Flight Attendant with Another Megabucks $27.5 Million

This victory was also experienced through the Megabucks machine; this time, a retired flight attendant got the jackpot. The lady was playing the slots in the Sin City Palace Station when she accidentally bet $300 instead of the usual $100. 

To her surprise, the machine was building up to a jackpot and rewarded her with $27.5 million in one go. She chose to keep her victory private and never came into the spotlight. 

5. The $24 Million Win in Finland

The Mega Fortune slot machine awarded a whopping $24 million to a Finnish better who had chosen the slot machine for his amusement that day. He won this at a Scandinavian online casino. He had been playing poker for quite some time and had gotten really good at it by the time he got this victory. 

The player turned 25 cents into $24 million in just a few rounds!

6. $21 Million for the Lucky Veteran!

One of the biggest wins at the Megabucks slot machine was bagged by a veteran who loved to play the slots. He won $21 million by hitting the jackpot. This was a victory that followed another jackpot he had won years ago.  

7. $14.3 Million at the Rampart Casino 

Vegas is a land of dreams, and it witnesses many people taking jackpots home at the end of the day. In 2014, a local man made $14.3 million through a slot machine at the Rampart Casino, Las Vegas. The man never came into the spotlight. All we know is that he won it through $20 invested into the Megabucks slot. 

He is also one of the many people who came into the casino just to try the slot machines and became a millionaire in a short time. 

8. The One That Got Away (with $12.7 Million!)

A woman won a significant amount of $12.7 million in Las Vegas while staying at the Aria Resort for her niece’s birthday. She was there by chance and spotted the slot machine at the right time. Her celebration soon turned into a victory dance through a random $6 she betted on a slot machine she passed by. 

She soon took away a jackpot price of $12.7 million through the same Megabucks series mentioned above. This seems like the perfect machine to try your luck!

9. Rodolfo’s $11.8 Million Win

Another random win that made headlines in August 2017 was by Rodolfo T, a player who visited Fremont in Downton Las Vegas and came back with $11.8 million in his pockets. This was also won on the Megabucks slot machine. 

The player tried his luck by investing $3 in the slot and ended up with a jackpot as the Megabucks were tied together to lead to bigger wins. 

10. The Online $11.6 Million Win

A relatively smaller win than others on the list, this was still a significant jackpot for the anonymous player who won $11.6 million through Zodiac Casino on a smartphone. The player was betting on the Mega Moolah slots and ended up with quite a big win by chance. 

This goes to show that online casino slots can result in big jackpots too!

Slot Machine Jackpot Winners
A slot machine with a winning triple 7s jackpot.

Final Thoughts

Slot machines are a great use of your time and resources. If you want to play a game, why not make some money while doing so? It is easy to bet on slots in the comfort of your home or put some money in the slots if you have a few dollars lying around in your pocket. 

Slot machine wins may not be as frequent, and jackpots are even rarer, but they are possible. You can easily be among the many people who win a jackpot daily. All you need is a consistent investment. 

Play the slot machine if you are an amateur player, as it involves much less strategy than other games at the casino. Go big!

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