Reasons slot machines are better than video games
Did you know that you’re less likely to spend money at a slot machine than on a video game machine? Slot machines also stand to give you much greater returns than with video games. 

In fact, if you play slot machines, you’re likely to have more fun and get more out of the experience. So, here are 10 reasons why slot machines are better than video games

1. You Can Get More Value for Money 

When you’re playing a on slot machine, you aren’t required to pay money for every turn. Hence, you can play multiple times without giving money to the machine each time. Slot machines also don’t require powerups or upgrades like videogame machines do. 

Hence, you can still play the old game multiple times and not spend more than you already have. You also have a smaller risk of getting addicted to a slot machine as long as you practice self control. Videogames often have a greater hold on people who want to get to the next level. 

2. There are Even Free Slot Machine Games Around 

This is perhaps greatest incentive why slot machines are better than video games. You can’t pass up a free chance. There are free slot machines which you can mess around with and still have fun. However, for nearly every video game, you need to pay money. 

You can play with several slot machines for free depending on the platform. 

3. Slot Machines are Much Easier than Video Games 

Slot machines are easier to play than videogames. If you’ve often tried to play different types of videogames, you may have noticed you can’t play all of them to the same degree. First person shooters, action games, and arcade games all have different knacks required to play them.

However, slot machines simply function on a pull mechanism. That’s all you need to play them. They’re also not dependent on a specific console or system. They’re based on a mechanical mechanism that can work with a simple outlet. 

4. You Get Lots of Bonuses When Playing Slot Machines 

There are often a lot of bonuses and rewards associated with playing on slot machines. If you’ve ever played with a bonus, it’s never the same. However, you can’t get a bonus for playing any video games. Outside of earning a few in-game prizes, there’s no real incentive. 

5. Slot Machines Don’t Require Any Equipment 

Most slot machines don’t require any setup or equipment. While you may need some special gloves or even VR headsets for today’s games, you don’t require them for slot machines. 

Slot machines have functioned the same way since the beginning and that’s the charm. You only need a little bit of cash and a chair to sit in. This means that you can play with slot machines practically anywhere. 

There’s no requirement for you to be savvy with any new equipment or type of gameplay. 

6. They’re Something New You Can Try Your Hand At 

You may not know this, but slot machines are actually younger than video games. The latter have been around since the early 70s, even before Pac Man and Frogger. While slot machines may seem similar to video games, their purpose and gameplay differ by miles. 

Hence, they’re much newer to the gaming world. Also, there are so many different types of slot machines based on themes. For example, Mario Brothers and Pac-Man and Indiana Jones can always be found on slot machines. 

There are also slot machines which are based on newer properties including MCU movies or DC movies. You can even get ones which are based on Lord of The Rings. 

7. You Can Win Money with Slot Machines 

One of the biggest incentives to play with slot machines is that you can win money. You can’t do that with video games. You can with bigger and bigger depending on how good you are. With ones that offer probability and stats inside the game, you can increase your odds of winning. 

8. You Can Play With Friends and Family for a New Prize Each Time 

As mentioned before, slot machines are basically the same everywhere. Since they don’t require any equipment, you can play them anywhere, at any skill level. This means that slot machines are great games that you can play with your friends and family. You can go with your family or with your friends and it doesn’t matter how old you are. 

There’s a simple pull mechanism to master and that’s it. You don’t need to go to Vegas or New Jersey. Even arcades have slot machines now! You can also chat with your buddies and your family while playing. 

9. They’re Suitable for All Ages 

With most video games there is an age rating. This is usually either for violence or for language. However, with slot machines, you can play regardless of age. This is one of the strongest reasons slot machines are better than video games.  

10. You Can Learn a Lot of Math with Slot Machines 

This may come as a shock to you, but there’s a lot of math to learn with slot machines. You can learn the concept of probability or odds of getting a specific kind of symbol or card. This can count as practice or practical application of math in the real world. 

This could be a lesson for children when they feel bored regarding math in the real world. They may learn more than you think. 

Final Thoughts

Video games often cost more than slot machines
Slot machine in a casino

Did you find this post about why slot machines are better than video games interesting? You may find that you enjoy yourself more and at a much cheaper price when playing slot machines. 

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