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Learning about slots hit rates would make playing the slot machines much easier. It is essential to understand just as much as you can about the mechanism of the slot machines before you play them. The slot hit rate is easy to understand if you have already mastered the art of slot machines. 

A hit rate simply translates to how many times you can hit the winning number. If the hit rate is 50%, you will hit the winning number 50% of the time you play the machine. However, this will not affect the amount you are likely to win. 

What are Slots Hit Rates?

Before understanding the effects of slots hit rates, let’s break down what these rates are. A slot hit rate is the number of times you land on a winning number during your play. The hit rate will greatly impact how much you can win since it determines the jackpot. 

In many online and casino-based slot machine games, one usually has a 50/50 chance of winning. This means that you have the chance of winning 50% of the time. Through these wins, you can reach the jackpot or any amount of smaller wins. 

To win more often than not, a player needs to optimize their wins according to the hit rates. This can only happen if you focus on your slot machine and play according to its hit rate. Here’s how to find slots hit rates and what they depend on. 

Where to Find Slots Hit Rates?

You can find the hit rates of a particular slot machine in many ways. Since hit rates are important when deciding whether or not a slot machine can be profitable, understanding slots hit rates is also essential. This information isn’t readily available wherever you go. 

Casinos do not usually disclose the hit rates of slots since that will affect the slots people play. However, they need to display these rates somewhere, so they do so sneakily. You can usually find these rates on the website within a section in tiny print. 

Look for the hit rates on the information page. Within the information page, you will likely need to scroll to the statistics to get the information you are looking for. 

You mustn’t play with just the hit rate in mind. The volatility and return-to-player (RTP) ratio are just as important. The higher the volatility, the easier it is to predict the outcome. Moreover, look for the RTP ratio since that will clarify how much you are supposed to win from the slot machine with every bet. For example, for a 98% RTP, you will likely win 98 cents for every dollar you bet. 

What Do Slots Hit Rates Depend On?

Slots hit rates can fluctuate depending on a lot of factors. 


Slot hit rates fluctuate according to the RTP since it makes sense for the number of wins to increase with the increase in the number of returns a player receives with every bet. 


Slot hit rates are also dependent on volatility. Slot hit rates are inversely proportional to volatility. The fluctuation in volatility will inevitably affect the hit rate, so keep a close eye on it. The lesser the volatility, the higher the hit rate, and vice versa. With lower volatility, it is much easier to win a jackpot. 

Higher volatility can lead to lower hit rates, affecting your chances of winning. In this case, all there’s left to do is to kick back and enjoy the machine. It is much better to place your bets on a machine with lower volatility if you are in it to win it (and not just to have fun). 


The hit rates will also depend on the promotions or bonuses attached to the slot machine, which means that the more bonuses attached to the machine, the more it affects the hit rate. This is because bonuses affect the reward that is leftover in the machine. 

Bonuses can help you win more but are tricky in the long run. With many bonuses, the slot machine builds up to a greater hit rate than machines with no bonuses. 

What is the Importance of Slots Hit Rates?

The hit rates are important for a few unique reasons. Let’s understand how they affect your chances;

1. Hit Rates Affect Your Wins

Hit rates have a big impact on how often you win. This means that although the machine is based on pure luck, an inherent algorithm may be on your side to help you beat the house edge. However, if you are not looking for big wins but are searching for smaller, more frequent wins, perhaps you should look for a different slot machine. 

2. Hit Rates Affect Pay Out 

If you understand the hit rates associated with a machine, you can avoid those machines that do not offer the chance of winning as often as others. This means you will be saved from the torture of waiting for a machine to get you a jackpot and wasting money on it without knowing whether it will ever pay up. 

3. Hit Rates Increase Consistency

Hit rates can help you understand the frequency with which a slot pays back. This will help you earn more with fewer bets. 

Casino Slot Machine Player
Picture of a casino slot machine player.

Final Thoughts

Slots aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, many casino lovers adore these machines. Hit rates are a great addition since they can help slot machine players choose the machine they really want to play. 

Here’s a tip. Study the machines before you choose them and understand the hit rate before you play. Rest assured, it will save you a lot of time, money, and effort. 

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