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Contrary to popular belief, slot machines may not just involve dumb luck. There may not be much of a strategy involved, and they are completely randomized compared to blackjack or poker. However, that doesn’t mean it all depends on pure luck. 

To win at slots, you need to do much more than press a button and go cha-ching! Yes, the outcome is dependent on chance. But that is true for all casino games. It doesn’t mean you don’t have a shot. 

There is a level of skill that you can employ to win at slot machines. You need to be in the right place at the right time, armed with the knowledge you need to make it big! 

1. Don’t Overthink

A slots strategy doesn’t involve glaring at the slot machine until your brain loses all ability to have fun. Unlike in blackjack, slots don’t depend on the counting of cards. This means that you can let go and enjoy the ride. 

However, that doesn’t mean you underestimate the game. Enter the casino with a basic knowledge of the house edge and how it can impact your winnings. The house edge is the amount a casino takes away from the money you put into the machine. 

Don’t worry. It isn’t as scary as it sounds. The house edge is a percentage the casino is bound to make each time you bet. This is because the casino needs to secure its own money and add to the slots as you keep putting in the money. 

You need to understand that due to the casino mechanisms, you can’t expect to win all that you put in, even if you win the jackpot. Eventually, you will lose something to the edge. 

2. The Volatility and the Hit Rate

Don’t worry. Volatility and hit rates may sound like someone attacking you from behind during a slots round, but that is not the case. Hit rates are the number of times the slot machine gives out a win. Volatility, however, is how big the prize money will be when you eventually win. 

If you play slot machines with high volatility, you may not get a win that often, but you will make it big when you do. High volatility machines give more jackpots. Low volatility machines are the opposite. They will give more frequent wins, but the prizes will be smaller. 

Pick the machine that matches your budget. Play the machines carefully and never invest a lot in one go into a machine that gives you lesser prizes more frequently. 

3. Pay Attention to the RTP

Since slot machines don’t involve much strategy and skill, you need to pay close attention to the RTP and form a slots strategy that revolves around that percentage. Pick slot machines with higher RTPs, as those can get you bigger wins. 

RTP stands for “return to player.” If the RTP is 97%, it means the slot machine can give you 97 cents back for every dollar invested. 

Looking for high RTP machines in a casino is harder. This is because high RTP slot machines are usually a dime to a dozen, and the ones that do exist are occupied. Investing in online slot machines is best if you do not shy away from online slots. 

These machines give you the added advantage of listing all of their features on the website. All that is required of you is to find the information you are searching for before playing that machine. An RTP of 97% or more will do the trick.

4. Take Advantage of the Bonus and Free Spin

You might not be able to apply a skill to the slots, but you can play smart. It is best to take the opportunity of every chance you get to save money and still make it big. Some online slot machines will give you bonuses or free spins. This means that you are spinning without adding any money.

It is important to check if you have any free spins left before you play the slots. These free spins come in handy when you are looking to save money. Plus, if you hit the jackpot on a free spin, you would essentially go home with money that was made for free!

5. Go Slow

Perhaps the best slots strategy we can offer is to play with a cool head. Most slot enthusiasts lose their money while chasing a loss. Do not try to get your money back. What’s lost is lost. Since slots work fast, you don’t realize it before spending much more than you decided.

Have a budget, draw some boundaries, and stick to them. Apply bankroll management to the smallest games and figure out how much you can put aside to invest in the slots. You can alternate between betting a little more every four to five spins, but the specific strategy is up to you. 

Bonus Tip

Figure out if the slots are for you. You often chase a casino game simply because you think it’s popular. Some people are best suited for cards, while others have more fun watching the wheel spin at roulette. Even a simple game of slots is relaxing for many players. 

However, if you like having more control over the results, the slots may not be for you. Slots are mostly based on chance. You can only apply a handful of techniques before giving up and letting the fates decide your wins and losses. Switch to poker or blackjack if you are looking for strategy-based wins. 

Casino Slot Player
Picture of casino slot machine player.

Final Thoughts

Slot machines may not be the most reliable game at the casino, but they sure are fun. Skills are not a big part of the slots. However, if you are looking to have some fun and give your luck a try, push that button and hold your breath!

Improve your chances by going for games with high RTP, match your bets and budget to the volatility and hit rates, and be careful! The rest is up to the casino gods!

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