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Playing slots doesn’t require any specialized knowledge or abilities. You simply have to click the spin button and await the results. However, this does not mean there aren’t measures you can take to increase your odds of winning at the slots. 

The expected rate of return of a slot machine game is indicated by the return to player (RTP) rate. One of the best ways to enhance your odds is by playing on slot machines with higher payback percentages. The RTP value of your slot can be calculated or determined by several methods. Let’s look at ways to calculate the RTP of a slot machine in a physical or online casino.

How Can You Find the RTP For an Online Slot Machine?

You may choose when and how much to gamble by understanding the return to player percentages of your preferred RTP slots. The majority of states mandate that casinos and other gaming establishments visibly show the RTP percentages for their video slots. Here are a few techniques for calculating a slot machine’s RTP while playing online.

Check the Information Section on the Slot’s Website

The information panel on every slot always includes the RTP. Even though various software providers design the info element in different ways, it is typically simple to access. Usually, it will be a menu or gear symbol in one of the bottom corners of the screen, either to the right or left.  You must carefully read the information section after finding it because different slot producers present the information about the RTP in various locations.

Examine the Help Screen of a Slot Machine

The RTPs of traditional online slots are not typically displayed. Nevertheless, a lot of the new slots provide this information to users. To examine the payback, all you would have to do is to go towards the help screen of any online slot machine.

You may have to deal with a help screen which has numerous pages. In this case, scroll down to find the percentage of repayment. You’ll see that the RTP is mostly mentioned clearly in the help panels of most online slot games. Several examples include Quick spin, Thunderkick, and NetEnt.

Search For Games Individually

You can locate the payback rate by looking for a certain online slot that you wish to play on the internet. You can quickly discover the slot name, game studio, and producer of the machine that you want to play with. 

All you need to do is follow the game’s title with the acronym RTP. The best part is that, in most circumstances, you don’t even have to choose one of the search engines results. Rather, you can find the payback percentage by reading the brief descriptions listed alongside every link.

Email Casinos 

Another popular way to learn the RTP of a slot machine is to send an email personally to a casino and ask about it. Sometimes, the customer service agent might not have this information and they may have to contact the developer to get the RTP rate, which means that you might have to wait for a while to receive an answer. 

How Do You Find the RTP For Land Based Casino Slot Machines?

Locating the RTP rate for digital slot machines is simple. Unfortunately, calculating the RTP of physical casinos, will be much more difficult. Frequently, this data is not even accessible.

You can’t Google the RTP for physical slot machines. This is because slot machine payouts vary from casino to casino in land-based settings. Alternatively, game designers give casinos a selection of options from which to choose the payout percentages.

Nevertheless, you can still find out the payout percentages for the slots at physical casinos using a few different methods. In this section we will take a closer look at some of these methods.

Examine Gaming Reports 

The best way to determine the RTP for slot machines is to examine reports from gaming agencies. As an alternative to establishing subjective generalizations regarding coin sizes, you could always check for gaming reports from the state. These statistics display the typical payout rates across all coin denominations in a country’s casinos. 

For instance, you could discover in a Nevada Gaming Commission press release that dollar slots typically yield 94.79% RTP. Even though you won’t be able to obtain the precise payout rate for each game, state reports will give you a significant broad view which is helpful.

Use Coin Denominations to Make Guesses 

Casinos enjoy rewarding players who are willing to place more money on a single wager. As a result, the RTP for games with bigger coin values is also greater.  For instance, penny slots have an RTP of 88% – 90%, nickel slots have an RTP of 91% – 94%, and quarter slots have an RTP of 93% – 95%. Moreover, dollar slots have an RTP of 94% – 96%, while $5 slots have an RTP of 95% – 97%. 

It can be seen that when it comes to payout percentages, penny slots are virtually always the weakest games. With regards to payback, larger amounts from a nickel to $5 are all nearer. Because you’re wagering more for each spin on nickel games and greater, your theoretical damages will be bigger. The higher-denomination slots still offer greater value for each dollar that you bet.

Final Verdict

The abundance of information accessible with online slots makes determining their payback percentages much simpler. By searching for popular games on Google or even the slot suppliers themselves, you can get this information. The latter is excellent if you enjoy playing slots from a particular developer and want to discover which of their products have the highest RTP. 

Physical slot machines, in comparison, provide virtually little information about payouts. One of the few well-known slots with a real payback percentage online is Megabucks. 

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