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As a slots player, if your goal is to be a serial winner, you have another thing coming. It’s next to impossible to beat a slot machine in the long run. However, that shouldn’t deter you from trying. Lady luck might just smile on you every now and then.

Also, there are different ways that you can adopt to improve your results when playing slots. One of them centers around the concept of “promises.” According to it, you basically make some promises to yourself and then fully stick by them to get better results at a slot machine.

This article will discuss the kind of promises that you can make to yourself when playing slots. So, let’s get right into it…

4 Promises That Every Slot Player Should Make to Themselves (and Keep!)

As you sit down at a casino slot machine, make these promises to yourself. After that, it won’t be long until your results start indicating a significant improvement.

Go Big, or Don’t Play At All!

Going big doesn’t mean that you have to bet your entire bankroll in one go or make huge bets every time. In fact, you should be doing the exact opposite when sitting at a slot machine. These units are programmed to ruthlessly chip away at your bankroll until it’s all gone.

Your best chance of getting ahead is to win a big prize, which isn’t a very common occurrence. However, if you’re playing at the wrong machines, then there’s zero probability of you winning the big prize. So, you need to be smart about things. Your chosen machine should offer you at least one opportunity of winning a big jackpot. Otherwise, it’s better to look for a different playing unit.

In fact, this is what the promise of going big is all about. Your slot machine must give you a shot at winning the big prize. Moreover, you should be able to decide how big the jackpot must be. For instance, a grand prize of $200,000 or more at a slot machine is worth playing for. Just make sure that the unit will let you have a crack at it.

Furthermore, some players like to find machines that offer bets of $1 or less while provide decent-sized jackpots. This is a good idea because you can use a smaller bankroll at such machines while playing for a large sum of money.  

Make It a Point to Utilize Every Bonus That You Can Get

Slot machine bonuses are like clouds. They’re around one moment and gone the next. So, promise yourself to avail any and all bonuses that a machine offers you!

Admittedly, some machines and even some casinos offer better bonuses compared to others. That being said, you need to consider the odds of winning. They’re almost always stacked heavily against a player and any bonus offer is likely to help.

The only scenario in which you should consider passing on a bonus offer is if it puts a limit on the highest amount that you can cash out. After all, there’s no point in taking a bonus that decreases the amount of money you can take out of the casino if you somehow manage to land that elusive jackpot. Apart from this, there’s really no convincing reason to not take a bonus when playing slots.

Promise Yourself to Stick to the Budget

You’re asking for trouble if you don’t have a set budget when playing slots. In fact, not having a budget will almost certainly lead to you losing more money than you want. Therefore, keeping a budget and sticking to it religiously is important.

You can set your budgetary limits based on how much money you can afford to and are willing to lose. The best approach would be to set a budget before you set foot inside a casino and then only take this amount with you. That way, you won’t put any more of your hard-earned money at risk than you have to.

When you lose the pre-budgeted amount, you’ll just have to stop playing since you’ve got nothing more to put in. Unless, of course, you decide to go back home or to a nearby ATM for more money!

Seasoned slots players know that they’ll lose most of the time. They’re in it just for the entertainment that these games provide and they’re willing to pay for it if they can afford to. Therefore, as long as you don’t look at slots (or any casino game for that matter) as a reliable money-making avenue, which they aren’t anyway, there’s nothing to worry about.

This is why using a strict budget is crucial. That way, you’ll look at slot machines as the entertainment sources that they are and nothing more.

The Compensation Promise (Specific to Land-Based Casinos)

Earning compensation, more commonly referred to as “comps,” from a players club or slots club isn’t as great as getting a bonus in an online casino slot game. However, you need all the help you can get while playing and comps can certainly do that.

Normally associated with land-based casinos only, you can get comps by signing up beforehand at the facility. They’ll give you a card which you can insert into the slot machine before starting a game.

Such is the importance and perceived value of bonuses and comps that many casino gaming experts and slots specialists don’t even recommend playing if you aren’t going to use either. The general feeling is that slot machines take away a lot of your money and you should have the opportunity to get something back whenever possible.


Side View of a Player at a Casino Slot Machine
A player enjoying their time at a casino slot machine.

Playing slots is generally a losing proposition. However, by making and keeping the above-mentioned promises to yourself, you can increase the probability of getting better results.

At the end of the day, you need to get what you can to make up for even a percentage of the money that you’re going to lose while playing slots. And these promises can help you do that. Keep following EnjoySlots for more useful tips and tricks about the game!

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