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Seasoned gamblers and experienced casino visitors are usually aware of the required etiquettes within a facility. Every game has its set of rules, regulations, and expected behaviors. However, casual gamblers and novice players aren’t always on top of them.

This is particularly the case with slot machines, since these units are the most likely to attract newbies. To help them understand the right way to act in a casino, and especially while playing slot machines, below is the list of proper etiquettes.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings While Smoking

Many casinos allow smoking. Some have designated areas while others let you do so at your table or even in your slot machine chair. However, a little bit of consideration for other players – especially those on either side of you – goes a long way.

There’s always the likelihood of someone nearby being allergic to the smoke. Even if they aren’t, no one likes smoke being blown in their direction. This is something that many slots players unwittingly do. Besides, there’s always that health hazard of “passive smoking” for non-smokers.

So, if you like a puff or two while playing on a slot machine, remember to be considerate of other players. Be aware of where you blow the smoke and use an ashtray rather than flicking the ashes everywhere. Also, keep the ashtray on your own machine. Finding ashes on the button panel or the game tray can seriously turn off other players who may use the machine after you’re done.

Take Short Breaks

Taking breaks while playing slots is common. Players do it all the time. No one will raise any objections if you’re in the middle of a game and need to use the restroom, grab a quick bite to eat, or step out to take a phone call. However, the duration of your break must be short. You can’t hold up a machine without playing for hours at a time!

We suggest that you limit your breaks to 15 minutes, give or take. That’s an adequate window to go to the restroom, get something to eat, attend a phone call, greet a friend in the casino and catch up with them for a bit, etc.

If you take significantly longer breaks, other players who’re waiting to use the machine might not be best pleased. After all, they have as much a right to play as you, and wasting their time by keeping them waiting isn’t good casino behavior. The casino management wouldn’t like their slot unit held up and not generating revenue either!

In case you need to step away for much longer than 15 minutes, it’s better to end your game right there and come back later. That way, you won’t hold up a machine for any length of time.

Signal Your Breaks Properly

Properly signaling your breaks is important. If you don’t, someone might not understand and start playing at your machine while you’re away. Sometimes, players are on a good run. The machine is hot and they don’t want to break their momentum for a bit.

However, a short break is unavoidable at some point. To that end, there are a few different ways of signaling a break. A common method is to tilt the chair slightly against the machine, so that it appears to be leaning into the slot unit. We recommend doing this because it’s understood by most casino-goers.

Another way to signal a break is to leave some personal item on the screen, like a pack of cigarettes or your player’s card. Don’t use your cell phone, wallet, or something else of similar value for this purpose. They might go missing and the casino management won’t take any responsibility for it!

Other than that, seeing your personal belongings on a slot machine screen should be a good enough break signal for anyone wanting to play at that unit.

Try Not to Hover

Be patient if you’ve earmarked a particular machine for playing but it’s already taken. Wait your turn and stay nearby. However, try not to hover too close to the person playing on your preferred slot machine.

Hang around in that general area but don’t make the other player uncomfortable by waiting too close to them. In all likelihood, they might be offended by your behavior and then drag their feet even more out of irritation.

Tip the Dealers/Servers Generously

Compared to those who play blackjack, poker, and other table games, slot machine players are much less likely to interact with dealers. When it comes to tipping casino personnel, common instances for slots players include hand-paid jackpots and servers bringing you food and drinks.

The majority of slot machines simply add credit to the meter. However, a supervisor or slot attendant, who is usually accompanied by a security guard, is responsible for handing over jackpots of the bigger variety. While tips are optional and you aren’t obligated to pay anything, most players tend to do so after a huge payout.

A common rule of thumb is a $20 tip on a $1,000 jackpot. You can pay more or less than that if you wish. Nevertheless, most slot attendants accept all tips graciously. With regard to servers, tips make up a significant portion of their income. So, don’t forget to tip them well for their service.

While playing slots, casino servers are likely to bring you free drinks and complimentary food (sometimes). We recommend a $1 or $2 tip for each drink. If you’re willing and can afford to pay more, then do that by all means. After all, the drinks are mostly on the house. The least you could do is tip the person well for bringing them to you.

Parting Thoughts: Keep It Clean

Millennial Playing & Enjoying Slots
Millennial playing at a slot machine and having a good time in a casino.

Observe basic hygiene and cleanliness while playing on a slot machine. Try not to spill any food or drinks on the unit or around it. Also, as stated earlier, avoid flicking cigarette ash everywhere if you’re going to smoke while playing.

We also suggest doing a general cleanup of the machine’s screen and buttons as well as your seat when you’re done playing. Make sure to pick up all your trash as well. The idea is to leave the space in the same or better shape than how you found it.

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