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Are you into gambling, specifically slot machines? If so, you’ll know that playing progressive slots isn’t much different to other kinds of slot machines. At least, the basics remain the same. You put in the money, push the SPIN button, and let your luck take care of the rest.
However, you can also be an educated progressive slots player. This piece will explain to do that…

Before getting started, though, you need to remember that these “tips & tricks” won’t enable you to manipulate a slot machine and get more favorable outcomes. That’s impossible and trying to do so is a waste of time. Nevertheless, you can certainly become a better player and increase your winnings in the long term.

Progressive Slot Machines: How Do They Work?

As the name suggests, “progressive” slot machines offer a bigger jackpot over time. In other words, the amount you can take home increases while you’re playing the game. This is because every time you make a new bet, a small percentage from that money is added to the winner’s jackpot.

There are typically 3 different types of slot machines. You can easily find them in any modern casino.

Standalone Progressive Slots

In “standalone progressive slots,” the jackpot is exclusive to a particular game machine. The contributions from every new bet are reserved for the jackpot available on this machine.

Local Area Network Progressive Slots

Compared to standalone progressive slots, “local area network progressive slots” include multiple machines within a casino sharing the same jackpot. So, if there are other players on other machines within that network of games, the jackpot will grow for all of them. This is because the bets from those other players are also contributing to the increasing jackpot.

Wide Area Network Progressive Slots

In “wide area network progressive slots,” a game may be connected to multiple slot machines in various casinos. That is, you might be playing on a machine that not only shares the jackpot with other machines in the same casino, but also those in other gambling houses. And because so many players are involved, the jackpot is usually huge!

Once a player wins a progressive slot jackpot, the machine resets to the starting value. After that, the grand prize begins to grow again as a new game gets underway.

Odds of Winning a Progressive Slots Jackpot

You have a “1 in 60 million” chance of winning the jackpot in progressive slots. In contrast, a lottery game in which a player has to pick 6 numbers out of 49 possible outcomes offers a “1 in 14 million” chance of walking away with the highest payout.

In general, the probability of landing the grand prize comes from the requirement to trigger the “bonus mode.” There’s also another condition that requires a player to win the main jackpot through its smaller iterations as well as “instant cash prizes” at different points in a game.

Progressive Slots Tips & Tricks  

Loss Limit

Compared to other games, progressive slots have high variance and very low RTP rate. As a result, making a profit can be challenging. You will probably go through your entire bankroll without getting anywhere near the biggest jackpot prize.

Therefore, setting a loss limit is a good idea. This way, you can enjoy the game without the financial stress of losing big. With a loss limit, all you have to do is stop playing when your bankroll reaches a specific amount.

You can also have a pre-set budget for progressive slots. This will be exclusive for progressive slot machines. You can have a separate budget for other casino games. Here again, you can enjoy playing and get the most out of your casino experience without worrying about the financial aspect in case you’re on a losing spree.

Minimum Bet

Betting requirements for the highest jackpot aren’t always very strict at progressive slots. That is, you don’t have to bet the maximum to win a fortune. In many cases, you can be in the running for the progressive jackpot with a minimum bet too!

So, you just need to look for slot machines (or casinos) that offer minimum bets for the big payout. That way, you can hope to win big without putting your life’s savings on the line.

Know the Jackpot Amount

Before you sit down to play, find out what the minimum progressive jackpot amount is for your preferred slots. Most of them tend to have a minimum prize in the region of $5,000. So, you might be missing an opportunity by playing on such slots when the jackpot resets.

Ideally, you should consider playing a progressive slot that has a jackpot prize worth twice the minimum amount. For information on the minimum jackpot at a particular progressive slot machine, check out online casino databases. Doing so will give you an idea about which slot machines to avoid.

Progressive Slot Variance & RTP

Lower variance rates and higher RTP mean fewer risks and better rewards. That’s the rule of thumb anyway!

Many popular progressive slots even have the lowest RTP while the variance rates are through the roof. That being said, you should always look for progressive slots that offer better reward/risk probabilities.


Man Playing Slots at a Casino
A man playing slots and celebrating his win with a drink.

To sum everything up, progressive slots aren’t much different from regular slots. You put your money in and hope to win many times more than your initial investment. Some even play these machines hoping to win so much moolah that they never have to work another day in their lives. That’s the attraction of the significantly huge payout and this is where the major difference lies.

The best approach is to play casually from time to time and win small prizes. People do that every day in North America and around the world. Your chances of winning are as good as anyone else out there.

Just remember that you need to bet enough to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. Some games don’t allow a player to go for the big prize unless their bet includes the maximum number of coins. Avoid those by applying the strategies mentioned previously and you’ll be fine.

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