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Is it Possible to Hack Mobile Slots? 

Using slot machines to withdraw huge profits can be fun until the odds turn against you. Slot users often wonder if someone controls the winning and losing outcomes for various slots in live casinos. While there is an ongoing debate, some hackers may have a good hand in cheating slot machines and turning the odds...

Legal Age to Use Slot Machines

Do You Have to Be 21 to Play Slot Machines?

Using slot machines at casinos is a popular gambling choice for many players. You can avoid the crowd and test your luck at the various slot machines in casinos. While playing at slot machines has many perks, casinos restrict underaged players from using them. If you are planning to start gambling and wonder what the...

Slot Machines Gambling

10 Reasons You Lose at Slots

You might lose your bets at slot machines more often than other slot players. As the other players around you double and triple their bets, you wonder what you are doing wrong. Everyone loses money to slots at one time or another. If you are looking for ways to increase your wins, keep reading.  Unfortunately,...

Slot Machine with Fruits

Why Slot Machines Use Fruit?

Slot machines use fruits primarily due to history. Card symbols were much more popular when slot machines were first introduced to the general public. However, people automatically associated cards with poker and, consequently, betting.  The slot machines quickly gained popularity as they switched from these symbols to more innocent and colorful icons. It was a...

Secrets of Slot Machines

Seven Secrets of Slot Machines

Slot machines are the point of attraction for casual players in casinos. Firstly, they follow a player vs. the computer format, making it an obvious choice for amateurs to learn and earn. Another benefit of slots is avoiding social clutter like in other gambles, including blackjack, roulettes, and poker. While there are many perks of...