Bet size in slot machine payouts
Slot machines, much like other games in the casino, will only provide you payouts if you’re lucky. This is because they work through random chance. It is also one of the reasons why it is often hard to apply a strategy to slots. 

However, just as other games in the casino provide opportunities for winning, so do slots. For some games in the casino, it is easy to apply strategy as a huge part of the game depends on how you use what is given to you. In the case of slots, you will need to get creative. 

One of the best things you can do for your bankroll is to determine a bet size. Bet size can impact slot machine payouts in multiple ways. You just need to wait and watch! Keep reading to find out more about how slot machine payouts work with your bet size;

What are Slot Machine Payouts?

Let’s get into this really simple and extremely important quick lesson on slot machine payouts. Here are some things you may need to understand before you bet on the slot machine;

1. The Return to Player

The Return to Player is a percentage that is used to let slot players know how much the slot machine returns to players on average in the longer run. For example, an RTP of 95% means that the slot machine payouts for each player are 95% of their bet size (the amount they bet) on average. For every 1 dollar invested, they can potentially win back 95 cents. 

Another important factor that comes into play in slot machine payouts is the house edge. This is the percentage left over after the player takes away their payouts (assuming they hit the jackpot and take away all 95%). The 5% left goes to the casino. It is called the house edge or the casino’s profit. 

2. Volatility

This is another factor that greatly affects payouts over time. It is also why some players prefer to choose their slot machines carefully. The more volatile a slot, the riskier the outcome since it offers payouts less often. However, it is suited to professional players as it provides much bigger payouts when it does. 

Low volatility leads to payouts being provided more often, but they are much smaller. These are suited to beginner players. Bet size should be tweaked accordingly, and strategies differ based on player goals. 

3. Jackpots

Bet size can also be affected by jackpots. While some slot machines offer progressive jackpots that build up over time, others don’t. Moreover, some slot machines also pool in jackpots from different regions of the world (normally found in online casinos). Naturally, bet sizes will differ. 

The payout for jackpots can vary from thousands to millions of dollars, and it depends on which slot machine you prefer. However, the bet size must be altered accordingly. 

4. Paytables

Slot machine payouts are also affected by a paytable which is usually added to the slot machine and shows different winning combinations with adjacent payouts. For each symbol or combination, payouts will differ. The rarer the combination, the bigger the payout. 

5. Casino Rules

Slot machine payouts can also differ according to the casino’s rules. Casinos may have minimum and maximum payout rules, which differ depending on the state. It is recommended that you read up before you visit your local casino. 

How Does Bet Size Impact Slot Machine Payouts?

Here are some factors to consider; 

1. Multiple Paylines

For some slot machines or casinos, the option of adjusting bets for multiple paylines is available. This means that, if players want, they can choose to bet on different active paylines and alter the bet size per payline. It allows them to win more in less time. 

However, this feature isn’t offered everywhere; some machines only come with fixed paylines. In most casinos, slot machines make all paylines active and provide wins randomly, regardless of the bet size. 

2. Multipliers

In some slot machines, players can use multipliers to increase their payouts. This side feature allows players to bet normally, as they would otherwise, and wait for the multiplier to be triggered. In case it is triggered, the winner will get twice their bet size. 

If you bet $5, you might get $10, and so on! This is great if you want to accumulate more wins in less time. 

3. Jackpots

Bet size should fluctuate with jackpots. If the machine offers progressive jackpots, it will often require you to add a minimum bet size to pool in for the jackpot. In case the jackpot is triggered, you get all the wins!

However, if you bet less than the jackpot minimum, you won’t have a chance to win the jackpot. You may just win smaller amounts over time. Thus, it is important to go through the rules of the slot machine before determining a bet size. 

In some cases, machines don’t really have jackpots. Any bet you make will have a fixed payout regardless of the bet size. In this case, you must adopt a consistent bet strategy that allows you to play safe since there is no reward for taking risks here. 

Bet size and payouts.
Picture of a spinning slot machine.

Spin the Reel!

Bet size is not going to guarantee you a high payout in the long run, as it doesn’t really alter the mechanism of the slot machine. However, if the slot machine incorporates a progressive jackpot, you must take that risk and invest in bigger bet sizes. If you do end up winning, you will get a bigger prize!

Remember that slot machines operate on random number generators. It is important to be realistic about your chances at a slot machine. If you find yourself stuck in a trance, quit for a while and return when you can bet rationally!

We advise you to bet according to your bankroll. If your bankroll can’t afford that humungous bet size, it is advisable to lower the bet size so that you can keep playing for a longer time. Unless you really want to risk it all to win that jackpot!

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