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7 Debunked Myths About Online Slots

Of course, it is quite common to come across myths about online slots that might make you want to reconsider. It is unsurprising to see a ton of them floating around on the internet. To make sure that you can continue enjoying your favorite online slots games, we are going to set the record straight.

This post will discuss some of the debunked myths about online slots that can help you make a more informed decision about whether you should continue enjoying the wonderful world of online slots or not.

7 Debunked Myths About Online Slots You Should Know

1. Online slots do not pay a lot

One of the most common debunked myths about online slots is that they don’t pay as much as the physical slot machines do or as much as other online casino games. Online slot machines and the live slot machines you can find in casinos use the same technology to generate random sequences in every spin. There is no basis for assuming that physical slot machines are more favorable than their online counterparts.

2. Progressive slots are more beginner-friendly

Another myth about online slots is that progressive slots are more beginner-friendly. The truth is that the promise of a substantial payout with progressive jackpots is what draws a lot of new slots players to them. There are no special features that make them more beginner-centric games.

Some of these progressive slots games tend to have several sophisticated features and bonuses that often require a very good understanding to unlock. It would always be better to begin playing with low-stake games to get a good grip on how it works before beginners move towards the more complicated games.

3. Online slots payout at specified times

Another common and inexplicable myth about online slot machines is that they give a good payout at specific times. If this was true, people would only play on slot machines at the time they are supposed to give you a good payout.

Sure, you can try playing at different times of the day, and sometimes the payout might be good around a certain time of the day. However, you should know that the chances of getting payouts from online slot machines are entirely random.

4. Online slots are not as fair as physical slot machines

Online slot machines, like their physical counterparts, use random number generators and an RTP to decide on the payouts. It means that choosing a land-based or online slot game makes no difference. The variance and RTP decide when and how much you can win while playing online slots.

5. You can only win big in online slots by making maximum bets

Another common misconception about playing online slots is that you can only win big by betting the maximum possible amount. While this is not entirely a myth, it is not a fact either. 

The truth is that using the max bet in some online slots games can unlock more symbols and prizes that can increase your chances of winning. However, it does not mean that max bets affect the variance or RTP of the slot machine. The best way to get a lot of wins is by taking advantage of the bonuses available and waiting for lady luck to lend a hand.

6. Your betting pattern can influence a slot machine’s payouts

Since online slot machines and their land-based counterparts rely on RTP and variance to decide on when and how much to payout, betting patterns have no influence on the payout. Unlike with many other casino games, there is less of a strategy and more of an element of chance involved with slots.

You can choose to use one of the many casino betting strategies if that is what you prefer. However, it will not affect a slot machine’s payouts. The most exciting aspect of slots is that it was designed to be completely random, so it retains a level of unpredictability and security.

7. Hackers can cheat to win at online slots

Admittedly, it is not entirely impossible to win by cheating at online slots. After all, there is programming involved, and hackers with a very good grip should theoretically be capable of hacking the game to manipulate it and win. However, online casino game developers go to great lengths to integrate excellent security and safety features into the games they design.

There have been instances where people have attempted hacking slot machines, but they usually fail or get caught in the process. You should know that trying to cheat is a criminal offense that can end up with you incurring hefty fines, bans, and jail time.

Wrapping It Up

Online slots
An image of a person entering their credit card information on an online slots website using their laptop to start playing online slots.

With all the myths about online slots floating around, it can be easy to get frustrated with the game you love without real cause. Dispelling these myths and learning the truth about them is a great way to renew your perspective on a game that we are sure you love playing.

We recommend gambling responsibly while understanding the facts about the game to have a great time and possibly walk away with massive winnings while playing online slots. Do not forget to have fun while playing your favorite online slots games from our extensive selection of the best online slot games at Enjoy Slots!

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