Slot machine development.
A lot goes into developing a game at a casino. You don’t just need to test it for the random chance mechanism. You also need to figure out whether it complies with the volatility and payout structure you have set for it.

Luckily, the people who began creating the earliest slot mechanisms made slot machine development much easier for us. Today, the slot machines we see on the market are just technologically advanced renditions of the ones we experienced years ago. 

Understanding the development of slot machines can help slot players figure out ways to get the upper hand. The more you understand about slot machines, the easier it will be to decide which machine to pick the next time you visit the casino.

Stages of Slot Machine Development

Slot machine development involves several different stages, which all come together to eventually result in a complex mechanism. This depends on the developers along with the casino authorities. Here are some common stages to note;

1. Idea Generation

At the earliest stages of slot machine development, developers will usually put their heads together and come up with certain ideas or themes. These themes govern the design and features of the machine along with the screen.

Slot machine designs depend on the slot players. The designs are generated keeping in mind the target audience that frequently visits the casino along with current trends. Slot machine development is also heavily influenced by technological advancement. 

At this stage, slot developers are considering the marketing techniques they should incorporate for more attraction. They may repeat the most popular slots and come up with fruit or candy symbols. They may even choose to get inspired by a popular book, TV series, or genre (horror) to attract the audience’s attention. 

2. Design

Right after the idea generation stage comes the design aspect. This includes not just the design of what appears on the screen but also the body of the slot machine. This is the most important stage as it forms the initial attraction for slot players. 

Developers may be seen creating sketches or mockups of the slot machine along with determining its user interface and the animations that will be present on the screen. A further aspect of the design process is the inherent mechanism of the slot machine. 

Slot machines depend on volatility, variance, and the house edge. These are pre-determined by the designers of the slot machines, who can tweak inherent mechanics to increase or decrease how often the slot machine provides a payout. 

3. Development

This is when the developers perform the final tweaks to the design of the slot machine. It includes the mechanical aspects that rest at the heart of the machine itself. Without these aspects, the machine will not be able to function.

These involve the random chance aspect, sound and lighting, visual effects, and function, to name a few. Usually, developers add software and hardware components that govern all the functions through one central aspect. 

4. The Testing Phase

The machine is not introduced to the slot players until it has been tested. Tests involve comparing it to other slot machines by the same creator or those present in the casino. They also include putting the slot machine up against industry standards.

This is just to ensure that the slot machine is working as planned. It also tests the slot machine for its fairness and any loopholes that can allow slot players to incorporate cheating. This means that when you play a game of slots, you can be sure that you are getting a fair result. 

5. Market Introduction

This can be considered as the second phase of testing. However, we call it introduction as it is the first time slot players are getting introduced to the slot machine. This is the most important of the many phases of slot machine development. It determines whether players will return to the machine and whether its payouts are perfectly random.

Over time, developers might tweak this machine or upgrade it according to industry trends and technological developments. Slot players can be pleasantly surprised each time they visit the casino and come across an older machine with upgraded features. 

If you have been playing the slots in a casino for a while and notice any bugs, don’t hesitate to point them out, as this can help the casino fix them for you and other players!

Why Development Matters

Why does slot machine development matter? 

For developers, not just the design aspects but also the mathematical genius behind slot machine development matters. Slot players may only see the final product, but behind-the-scenes mathematics makes a difference. 

A developer will often check the RTP and volatility in the final stages through a special calculator. This also involves checking these against certain metrics so that the vision of the casino matches the final product. 

The developer may send this to a third independent testing company and get a final opinion on whether the slot game complies with legal standards.

Changing Trends in Slot Machine Development

Slot machine development has been experiencing many chances for years. What began with online slots has now transitioned into virtual reality. Today, slot machine development doesn’t just include machines in casinos, online slots, and virtual reality incorporation for the same games. 

Today, slot players can access their games from any corner of the world through their smartphones. They can also hope to play at online casinos in the future through their virtual headsets and experience the same atmosphere they would have in a casino. 

This allows them to step away from the restrictions and expense of commuting or finding a slot machine they prefer. They can simply log in and play whenever they want. This also cuts the cost in half for casinos. However, it may lead to a future learning curve for slot developers. 

 Picture of slot players on a slot machine.
Picture of slot players on a slot machine.

Final Thoughts

Slot machine development can be tricky as developers need to consider the casino’s goals and marketability for slot players. As demand shifts to the online arena, developers may need to develop more creative ways to add their genius to the world of slots. 

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