Mobile Slots Vs. PC Slots
When slots first moved to online casinos, people could only play their favorite slots on PCs. The big screen experience was everything for casino gamers back in the day. Technology wore more impressive forms as time passed and allowed players to experience slot and other casino games on their mobile devices. Today, both channels to play online slots have massive popularity. In this debate of mobile slots vs. PC slots, we will determine the best way to play slots by reviewing some important facts.

Mobile Slots Vs. PC Slots – A Thorough Comparison

The never-ending debate between mobile and PC slot players indicates that both channels have attracted equal interest from players worldwide. While some prefer mobile slots, others find PC slots unparalleled. To better understand the brights and darks of each, we have focused on a few crucial factors to help you pick your side.

The Portability Factor


The most important factor that divides online slot players is the portability factor. When you play slots on a PC, you have the freedom to gamble from your home. However, the freedom is limited to a specific spot at your place. You cannot carry your PC everywhere inside the house. Some limitations restrict such practices.

Firstly, PCs have multiple components to take care of. If you use a desktop, those components are self-explanatory. You have a display unit, a CPU, a mouse, a keyboard, and if you are an audio enthusiast, a set of good speakers. You may be able to enjoy playing slots, but only where your computer rests.

On the other hand, using a laptop eases the portability issue to some extent. You can carry it from one room to another and play on your favorite couch. While valid, a laptop may not always be an easily portable device. You will need some effort to carry it around.

Mobile Devices

When it comes down to mobile devices, you can let go of such constraints. It is a handy device with modern features. You can download your desired casino app to play with other slot players. The biggest freedom of mobile slots is playing anywhere you like. If you have to head out of your house, you can easily carry your phone and start playing on the go.

Some players like to sit in quiet places with a glass of their desired beverage and food while playing slots. Mobile devices give you the edge to go completely mobile when playing games in online casinos.

Power Problems


You need an uninterrupted power supply to continue playing regardless of your chosen device. Desktop computers are the best option in this regard. They are plug-and-play devices that constantly require a power source to operate. You can sit and play slot for hours without knowing if you have a stable power supply.

Laptops are the next best option in this regard. Although they require a battery and a charger, you can plug them directly into a power source when playing slots. Activities like gaming can exhaust your laptop’s battery. The good news is you can use a direct power source.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices need to catch up in the race when evaluating power supply. Being portable, mobile phones operate on a battery that varies in capacity. While heavy gamers prefer mobile phones with bigger batteries, the ticking clock never stops. You must keep an eye on the battery cell and decide your playing sessions accordingly.

It also becomes a problem when you are sitting away from home. If you forget your mobile charger, you cannot play online slots or other casino games unless you get a charger.

Internet Connection


Most online slot players come to a decision after analyzing the internet factor. Using computers gives you plenty of options to enhance your internet quality and speed. For instance, you can use a LAN connection for a dedicated internet supply. Due to better output, many PC slot players prefer LAN over other connection types.

Moreover, you can use a dongle to achieve high internet speeds at home. The internet options are interchangeable between laptops and desktop computers.

Mobile Devices

You may have relatively limited internet options when using a mobile phone for slots. Mobile users rely on WiFi or data usage for browsing and gaming. While both can offer decent internet quality and speeds, you may not be able to enjoy the same smooth experience as on computers. Various factors come into play when playing mobile slots.

Firstly, if you use a WiFi connection, the stability of the connection may vary. While you can be sure of your WiFi at home, public WiFi may not meet your expectations when considering playing slots. The other option you have is data usage. It further involves multiple factors to determine the efficiency of the internet.

For instance, 3G data users may not be able to enjoy fast gameplay and uninterrupted sessions. You may get a faster speed if you have a 4G data connection. More importantly, the area you live in has much to do with your mobile phone’s internet quality. If you have a signal problem, your internet speed may fluctuate, causing problems with your seamless slot experience.

Mobile Slots Vs. PC Slots
A laptop with casino chips

Display Size


Computers (desktop and laptop) have bigger displays. You can enjoy an incredibly immersive experience when playing slots on your computer. The big display takes a definite lead over mobile devices due to superior display quality and clarity. Slot players love playing on computers due to accurate visibility.

Moreover, computers rely on heavy graphic cards (expandable) to enhance the visual experience. If you are unhappy with your current display, you can enhance your graphic card to get your desired experience.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices miss out on expandability perks. You have to settle with whatever display you have when playing slots. If you need a bigger display, you may find a better device. However, competing with the display quality of computers will be fool’s play.

The Bottomline

The above comparison can help you determine the best way to play slots. It all comes down to personal preferences when choosing between the two. If you need more information about slots and online casinos, feel free to explore some reputable online resources.

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