Types of Jackpots in Slots
Jackpots are slot magnets to attract most players to a particular slot machine in a casino. They offer huge rewards to slot players in a unique fashion. Many slot players head to casinos to test their jackpot luck. Slot machines have different jackpot types with varying payout rules for each. You should be familiar with each type as a slot player to get the maximum benefit. By the end of this read, you will have an idea of how various types of jackpots in slots work.

The rising popularity of online casinos has made it super-easy for slot players to indulge in online betting. Dedicated online slot platforms provide easy access to players with tons of slot features to enjoy. While many slot players have trust issues with online platforms, many slot platforms have gained credibility and trust over the past years.

The Common Types of Jackpots in Slots

We have covered the five common slot jackpots below to give you an idea of how each works. Let’s dive into the details.

Fixed Slot Jackpots

The classic type of slot jackpot is a fixed jackpot. These jackpots are widely famous due to their fixed rewards. Every time a slot player hits a fixed jackpot, they may receive a specific reward regardless of their bets. This jackpot is available in land-based and online slots. You may check various slot platforms on Google to find the ones with fixed winning options.

A common misconception in most slot players regarding fixed jackpots is that the bets determine the reward money. Fixed jackpots operate without the influence of bets. You may bet small amounts and win (for instance) 600,000 gold coins. Similarly, placing larger bets may win you smaller rewards. In many cases, players win fixed jackpots twice with the same amounts.

You may want to check the betting rules and other requirements when playing online slots before placing bets. Jackpots may only trigger rewards when players follow the platform rules. To avoid wasted struggle, you may talk to slot experts to determine how to increase your jackpot-winning chances.

Progressive Slot Jackpots

Progressive jackpots operate differently from fixed ones. Such jackpots accumulate rewards for slot players by progression. The rewards keep piling up until a player hits the jackpot and wins them. For instance, an unknown amount will add to the progressive jackpot if you place a bet on a slot machine to spin the reels. The process continues unless a player hits the winning trigger and accumulates the amount.

Unlike fixed jackpots, progressive slots have some influence on player bets. If a player bets higher amounts, the progressive jackpots will take a certain percentage of the bet and add it to the reward money. If you follow the slot betting rules and place higher bets to win progressive jackpots, the rewards might be huge.

Smaller bets may add minor percentages to the winning jackpot. However, players may never know how a machine cuts bets to power up the jackpot reward. Once you hit the jackpot and receive the rewards, the progressive cycle starts fresh. If you want to try your luck, you can find many online slots with progressive jackpots.

Multiple Slot Jackpots

Multiple jackpots are famous among frequent slot players. As the name suggests, these jackpots offer a variation of jackpots to players depending on the trigger. Slot players often look for multiple jackpot slots to increase their winning chances. Typically, slots with multiple pots balance rewards between high and low payouts.

For instance, you may find a single jackpot in a slot that pays a specific amount. The same slot may have a big jackpot to give out huge rewards. Some slots with multiple jackpots have other pot variations to pay reward money to players. While multiple slots increase the player’s winning chances (to some extent), you may never know what to expect in return due to contrasting reward variations.

You may talk to slot experts on one of the online forums to find slots with multiple jackpots. Experienced slot players may be able to identify the platforms with better rewards and betting requirements.

Mystery Slot Jackpots

You may find mystery jackpots when playing slots in one of the big online casinos. Although less common, mystery jackpots require players to guess the current value or symbol to win rewards. Generally, these jackpots require correct symbols on each row and column to trigger payouts.

Many players avoid mystery slots due to unpredictable outcomes. However, these jackpots have (surprisingly) high winning chances. Moreover, mystery jackpots often give players free spins to increase their chances of winning. You may not find such perks in other jackpots.

Since a limited number of slot platforms have mystery jackpots, you may talk to one of the slot experts on your list to find one. You can also explore online discussion forums to go through slot player reviews.

Types of Jackpots in Slots
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Network Slot Jackpots

Network jackpots are network-based jackpots offered in some slot games. Typically, the host casino pools into the network jackpot rewards. Unlike fixed or progressive jackpots, network jackpots can significantly vary based on their reward outcomes. You may get lower amounts on many occasions. Sometimes, under the best slot settings, you may get higher rewards.

To get the maximum benefit of a network jackpot, you may go through the platform betting rules and limitations to avoid any shocks. The rules may vary for each platform. Some slot websites allow players to enjoy free spins, while others might restrict such activities.

If you want to find a network slot that meets your requirements and pays you well, you may discuss with some influential slot experts to know the pros and cons of various platforms. You can also read platform reviews on online forums to make an informed choice.

The Takeaway

The above types of jackpots in slots provide players with the edge to multiply their rewards. While hitting the jackpot may be tricky, you can significantly benefit from one when you do. To find more tips and information about online slots, feel free to explore expert online forums.

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