Slot Variance
Slot variance is one of the crucial factors in winning slots. Whether you play online or go to a land-based casino to use slot machines, you may need a clear understanding of slot variance to maximize your winning potential. More often, slot players overlook many technicalities when choosing a slot machine. However, they regret later due to uncalled-for outcomes. To help you understand the role of slot variance, we have covered a thorough guide below to get you started.

What Is Slot Variance?

Slot variance refers to the payout distribution ratio of a slot machine. It is the factor that determines whether a slot has a high or a low payout. Typically, slots have low, medium, and high variances. Players can choose from various slot machine types based on their payout preferences. Apart from the basic classification, slots may have further categories to determine variances.

Winning Chances of Different Slots

Many slot players beat their heads for losing significant bet amounts on slot machines in casinos. When they leave those machines, the chances for the next player to win huge rewards are bright. How does it happen? This is where variance plays a role. When you place bets on a high-variance slot, your winning chances narrow to a minimum. However, the rewards can be huge if you win.

On the other hand, a low-variance slot provides frequent winning opportunities to players. You may find many small-reward slots in land-based and online casinos. The downside of low-variance slots is smaller rewards. You may win many games in a single session to make a small profit.

A moderate bridge between the two types is medium-variance slots. These slots offer players a chance to win average rewards with average winning chances. You may lose many games, but there will be an equal winning chance.

Understanding the Difference Between Slot Variance and Volatility

Many slot players and other gamblers often confuse volatility with slot variance. While the two terms can be considered under the same umbrella, they belong to different industries. When we talk about volatility, we refer to fluctuations in the stock market to evaluate risks and investment options. Volatility may occur due to various reasons. For instance, a crashing stock market may lead to a bearish market for the next few weeks. In some cases, stock values may rise indefinitely, making it a golden opportunity for brokers to sell out and win rewards.

Conversely, slot variance is a term specific to gambling activities. Casinos manage different slots on a floor to keep the house edge. You may find many slot types, including 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, 7-reel slots, and cascade slots on the floor. However, each slot has varying payout systems. Variance determines the payout system of a slot machine, depending on the slot type. 

If you opt for high-variance slots, you can indulge in a high-risk, high-reward payout system. Medium-variance slots offer average-risk, average-reward opportunities. Low-variance slots give you a low-risk, low-reward system of payouts.

Who Should Play High-Variance Slots?

High-variance slot games are the riskiest but have the most significant payouts. Such slots suit those willing to spend high figures in a single slot session. Since the winning chances are rare, players may place multiple bets before reaching a rewarding point. In many cases, high-variance slot players lose hope after a few consecutive rounds of placing bets.

Most players often need more technical knowledge about variances. When they leave a slot after losing significant bets, the slot might be close to giving out huge rewards to the players. Therefore, you may want to stick to the machine despite consecutive losses when betting on high-variance slots. You can vary your bet placements. Leaving the slot after a few games might reap the fruits for the next player.

Who Should Play Medium-High Variance Slots?

Medium-high variance slots may not be available across every casino in town. However, they can be a suitable alternative for those who like to play high-variance slots. These slots have nearly the same payout and winning system as high-variance slots. Players should only opt for these when looking for an alternative to high-variance machines in a casino.

When betting on medium-high variance slots, one should keep the bankroll loose and be prepared for unfavorable outcomes. If you have a limited cash stack, you may want to look for low-variance slots.

 Slot Variance
Slot players celebrating a win

Who Should Play Medium-Variance Slots?

Medium-variance slots are ideal for those who need a bridge between small and high rewards while keeping the winning chances open. Typically, medium-variance slot players are willing to take small risks to win mid-sized rewards. However, slot players in this category typically do not hesitate to place significant bets.

To make it simple, you should opt for medium-variance slots when you are willing to risk significant bets in consecutive sessions.

Who Should Play Medium-Low Variance Slots?

Medium-low variance slots are ideal for those who play seldom. These slots have better payouts with minimum risk involved. Although the rewards might be lesser than the above categories, players can take home decent amounts after bagging several wins.

Medium-low variance slots can fit your goals if you need a slot experience with minimum risks. Casual players and those who seldom visit casinos can play medium-low variance slots comfortably.

Who Should Play Low-Variance Slots?

If you want to play a safe slot, low-variance machines can effectively meet your needs. These slot machines offer frequent but small payouts. If you rely more on the payout dopamine, choosing low-variance slots can be a great fit. You can place a few dollars as bets and play for the next few hours to bag wins.

Low-variance slots can suit low rollers and occasional players with indefinite winning goals. To fit your needs, you can explore various low-variance slots in land-based and online slot machines.

The Takeaway

Slot variance is a determining factor for slot players. As a player, it depends on your needs whether you settle for high, medium, or low-variance slots. For more information on slot types and online casinos, check out expert online resources.

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