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If slot machines are the best part of the casino for you, the term “hit frequency” is relevant. Many slot machine visitors either don’t understand how hit frequencies can affect outcomes or believe slot machines depend on pure luck. Here’s where they are wrong. 

Slot machines might operate through luck and require no skill. However, the slot machine you choose can give you better outcomes depending on your betting strategy. If you implement higher-value bets on a machine with greater volatility, you may be in for a nasty surprise. 

This article will discuss the relevance of hit frequency, how you can apply the definition to your slot machine adventures, and some secrets that shed light on slot payout mechanisms. As you visit the casino, keep these terminologies in your mind so you can access them when needed. 

What is Slot Machine Hit Frequency?

A hit frequency defines how often the slot machine will produce a win. Any payouts produced by the machine will automatically be considered a hit and factored into the final hit frequency calculation. You’ll often find this hit frequency for online or land-based slots by playing more games. 

The more you play, the easier it is to recognize how often the machine churns out that win. You won’t get these hit frequencies handed to you on a plate. In fact, a slot won’t display how often it produces a win. 

However, it is easy to get that hit frequency. Just wait for that first payout which can reveal a lot to you. The bigger the jackpot, the lower the hit frequency; the slot will pay out less frequently than others. Conversely, the smaller the payout, the more often it will provide a jackpot. 

How to Use Slot Machine Hit Frequency?

The slot hit frequency will eventually determine how much you can make. But it is hard to focus on the terminology if you are an amateur player, new to the machine. Keep in mind that the payback doesn’t determine the hit frequency. It is the other way around. 

Hit frequencies are the basic structure that runs a slot. After this follows the paybacks which exclude the house edge and estimate how much money is added to the potential jackpot. Hit frequency can also tell you a lot about the slot’s volatility. The more volatile a slot, the more you pay to get that payout. 

It is up to you to use this knowledge. If you like to chase risk and want higher rewards in return, go for the volatile slot that gives bigger jackpots in greater intervals. However, if you just want to have some fun and make money every once in a while, go for low volatility. 

Your bankroll can also determine which slot you play. If you have a smaller bankroll but want to play longer, go for a higher hit frequency. The more times you get that jackpot, the longer you’ll be able to play. 

Secrets of Slot Machine Hit Frequency

The following include some of the secrets of slot machine hit frequency that might shock you;

1. Slot Machines are Consistent

With the changing jackpots and seemingly ridiculous wins and losses, it is easy for a slot player to assume that the slot machine isn’t consistent. However, random chance is the only thing that adds volatility to the machines. 

Slot machine hit frequencies are consistent. Casinos do not keep changing the hit frequency to increase the house edge. In fact, it is easy to figure out if the casino is doing so, as that will be pretty obvious. Casinos work through the wins their customers get, as that is what pulls customers to their slots. This means they need to add some payout structure to benefit their customers. 

2. Hit Frequencies Stay Constant Despite the Bet

Casinos might lead you to believe that the more you add to a slot machine, the greater the hit frequency. However, adding more money doesn’t increase the number of times a machine churns out a win. 

As discussed above, hit frequencies remain constant. The machine will pay out randomly, as often as the hit frequency allows, and nothing you do can change that mechanism. 

3. Hit Frequencies are Constant Throughout the Casino

Casinos might play with your emotions using the atmosphere of the room. However, their machines and house edges are constant throughout. This means that slots placed in different places around the casino won’t have a different hit frequency. 

Never assume that a slot has a higher hit frequency without analyzing its payouts. You may benefit from visiting different casinos and sticking to one with a higher hit frequency. But you will never find differing frequencies in one casino.

4. You Don’t Make More Money on Higher Hit Frequency Slots

Contrary to popular belief, you won’t make more money if you resort to a slot with a higher hit frequency. In fact, you should mix and match the slots you pick. 

These slots might be able to give you money more often. However, if you compare them to the slots which give larger amounts infrequently, you might reach the same final payout. 

5. You Can’t Estimate Payouts

If you have noted that a slot machine gives a payout after a certain period, you shouldn’t depend on that analysis. Slot machine payouts are random, and machines don’t give payouts in a pattern. This would defeat the entire purpose of the casino. 

 Slot Machine Player Inserting Note
Picture of a slot machine player inserting a note.

Final Thoughts

Slot machines are a great way to start your casino adventures. If you want to bet but don’t want to learn a game, go for the slot machines you see at the casino. Understand the hit frequency and tweak your bets to match the same. 

However, don’t depend entirely on the hit frequency. Know that the hit frequency can only tell you how often a slot will give you a win. The amount and exact time of the payout will only be revealed once you receive the jackpot!

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