How to Choose Slot Machines
Slot machines are a popular casino game that can be found in any casino around the globe. Slot machines make up a considerable percentage of the casino’s earnings because of the number of people that play the game. 

The game is popular because slot machines offer rewards, but not everyone can win these rewards. Although it might seem like winning in slot machines is based primarily on luck, that’s what the casino wants you to think. 

The trick to winning at slot machines is knowing how to choose slot machines that offer the best chance of success. You can find more on how to choose slot machines by reading the article below. 

What are Slot Machines?

Before we dive into the specifics, you need to know what slot machines are and how they work. Trust us, knowing the slot machine is the first step to winning it. 

Slot machines are gambling device that consists of reels with symbols. You simply add the coin and pull the lever to play the game. If the reel stops with the symbols lined, you win. Different symbols can get you different amounts. 

Slots are either termed tight slots or loose slots. Tight slots refer to slots that do not pay much, as the chances of winning these slots are low. Loose slots are kinder to players, and the chances of winning these slots are higher. 

Some of the common types of slot machines include: 

  • Multi-Line Slots
  • Buy-a-Pay Slots
  • Multiplayer Slots
  • Bonus Multiplier Slots
  • Combination Slots
  • Progressive Slots

Most commonly, slot machines are categorized into flat tops and progressive slots. Before knowing how to choose slot machines, it is crucial to know the two categories. 

Flat Top Slots

Slot machines with a fixed jackpot are known as flat top slots and do not offer much money as a jackpot. 

Progressive Slots

Progressive slot machines take a percentage of the player’s wages and put it towards the jackpot. The jackpot continues to grow until a player manages to win, after which the jackpot amount goes back to the original. 

Progressive slots are further divided into three types: 

  • Standalone: These slots only take a percentage of money wagered towards their jackpot.
  • Liked: These slots are linked to multiple machines and put a percentage of the money wagered on all the linked machines towards a single jackpot. 
  • Wide Area: These slots include several, or all, slot machines, and the percentage of the money wagered is put towards a single jackpot. 

How to Choose Slot Machines?

The chances of winning slot machines can be increased by choosing the right one. Here are some tips on how to choose slot machines to win big. 

1. Loose = Golden Goose 

As mentioned before, loose machines are a lot kinder to players. These slot machines offer a higher chance of winning than tight machines because the reels are not aligned perfectly. The reel alignment often goes wrong during manufacturing or if the game is old. 

However, there is no guarantee that you will win in loose machines, but why let the chance go away? Just because a golden goose isn’t laying eggs right now doesn’t mean it will never lay eggs.

2. Just Keep Spinning

 If Dory from Finding Nemo was a gambler, she would’ve won big slot machines because the trick to winning is to keep spinning. 

Especially when you’re playing on a progressive machine, the more you play, the greater the jackpot. Luck is a significant factor when winning slot machines, but you won’t get lucky if you don’t play. 

3. RTP is VIP 

Return-to-player (RTP) is an essential factor in knowing how to choose slot machines. The higher the RTP percentage, the better. 

Higher RTP means that the slot machine is more likely to pay out. You can calculate RTP by searching online and visiting forums. RTP generally refers to how often the slot machine has paid compared to how long it’s been used. 

Similarly, avoid choosing slot machines with poor RTP and rarely pay out. 

4. Progressive is Depressive 

Avoid playing progressive slots because you are going to get depressed. Progressive slots do not offer the best odds, and the higher the jackpot, the lower the chances to win it. 

Jackpots on progressive slots are made to attract you towards it because it means a bigger prize. However, as mentioned before, progressive slot jackpots are built from player money. So, seeing a slot with a large jackpot should let you know how many people have lost to it. 

Instead, look at the paytable of different machines to see the payouts and choose the slot machines that offer a moderate jackpot. 

5. Special Features Offer Special Chances

Look for a slot machine with special features or a bonus round, such as a free spin. These slot machines offer a chance to win big without using your money. 

6. Volatility = Probability 

The volatility of the slot determines the probability of your winning. You can think of volatility as the risk associated with slot machines. Low volatility means low risk, while high volatility means high risk. 

Low volatility slot machines offer better odds of winning. Since these slots have few symbols and reels, the chances of landing these symbols in a row are greater. 

High volatility slots offer smaller odds of winning. Since these slots have numerous symbols and reels, the chances of landing the symbols in a row are lower. 

However, with greater risk comes greater rewards. Hence, knowing how to choose slot machines comes from knowing their volatility. 

To Conclude

Knowing How to Choose Slot Machines
Person pulling the lever on a slot machine

Slot Machines are based primarily on luck. There is little to no player input in when and where the reel stops, so there is little that you can do to win. However, that doesn’t mean you are hopeless about winning slot machines. 

Knowing how to choose slot machines and picking the right devices tremendously increases your chances of winning slot machines and going home happier and wealthier. Although there is no guarantee, follow our tips on how to choose slot machines to get a few steps closer to winning. 

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