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Slot machines are among the most profitable attractions on the casino floor. However, they have long been a game of risk as well because people discovered various ways to cheat these machines. Over the years, several slot machine hacks have been used, including light wands and fish wire. Another tool people use to cheat slot machines is magnets. However, do magnets work with modern slot machines?  

How did Cheaters Trick Slots with Magnets?

Magnets were often used to trick slot machines. However, using a magnet to cheat a slot machine is no longer an option because all modern slots are operated by software, and magnets are useless in such circumstances. It was originally possible to use magnets and other forms of cheating on older slot machine models.

Before online and video slots, the first slot machines were typically mechanical and constructed of metal. The original machines had a lever on the side that the user had to pull to make the reels start spinning. Over time, these evolved into electromechanical devices with internal motors that turned the reels in their places. 

These motors are magnetic since they are made of metal too. A gamer can use a powerful magnet and put it on the screen or the device’s side to keep the reel from spinning so it lands on a winning combination. The winner will then receive their prize, and they can do it again from the start.

Slot machine cheaters have utilized this technique to slow down and eventually stop the reels. This helps them line up successively winning combinations. In addition, slot machine cheaters would keep the magnet on the reels when a winning combination would spin, ensuring that they would win on both the subsequent spin and all following spins.

How was this Reel Manipulation Stopped by Slot Developers?

The simplest solution for slot machine manufacturers to prevent slot reel exploitation with magnets was to use plastic instead of metal for the reels. Doing this immediately stopped fraudsters from using magnets to trick their machines. 

Nevertheless, some scammers also discovered that if the reels were near the glass panel, which covers the reel area of a slot machine, they could press against the glass to hold the reels into place after reaching a winning combination.

Slot game designers got around that issue by including a sensor on the reels to identify if some or all of them did not spin properly. If the sensor discovered this, an alarm would sound, and the machine would be locked.

Additionally, it prevented some persistent slot cheats from cutting a hole in the side of the wood slot machine cabinets and putting a rod through it to prevent the reels from spinning. This was one standard cheating method that some people have used in the past to trick slot machines.

With that said, we can claim that no slot cheaters can cheat in online slots because they are built to run and work in an entirely different manner. The only way cheating could be possible is by hacking into the server of the game, which isn’t an easy task to do. Both online and mobile casino websites also have vigilant security teams tracking their servers.

Can Magnets Work on Modern Slots?

Technology advancement has led to the creation of advanced, cutting-edge slot machines. The device’s components that spin the reels and set the payout are no longer present. It has a microchip or CPU with software programmed with the machine’s payment amounts and frequency. This device component acts as its brain and produces results at random.

Moreover, the mechanics in the bulkhead govern every aspect of the slot machine, including the rotation of the reels, the gameplay dynamics of the particular machine, the sound, and the graphics.

Additionally, most slot machines in use today have technology fitted to stop cheating by any means. For example, when someone tries to cheat using electronic equipment, certain machines have glass screens that have undergone chemical treatment and can send out a signal promptly. These characteristics make it impossible to use magnets or other digital equipment to influence modern slot machines.

Today’s casinos have discovered the most effective methods to safeguard their cash, business, and clients after numerous incidents involving hackers and criminals. They use various effective and cutting-edge security methods to spot offenders even before they reach the entrance. Casinos hire the most skilled security professionals.

As hacking increased in frequency in casinos over time, management began to emphasize employing security guards with more comprehensive skill sets. These people are in good physical shape and aware of the cheating methods frequently employed by fraudsters. They patrol the floors to look for hackers, end any heated arguments and other disturbances, and keep an eye out for suspicious staff.

Casinos increasingly use new technologies in addition to their dependable security personnel. For example, there are several security cameras all over the casino. Most of these aren’t just cameras; they also contain facial recognition technology that can identify people. In addition to facial recognition, security cameras can monitor individuals’ suspicious behavior if they are using rigging equipment. With all these safeguards in place, contemporary casinos will likely prevent system manipulators.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, using magnets to cheat at slots is no longer an option for fraudsters. However, several standard cheating devices and methods were functional with electrical and mechanical slots. Players cannot get away with cheating at either a physical casino or when gambling at a digital casino, thanks to recent developments in slot game technology. 

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