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Slots machines have existed forever (at least since the late 1800s), and slots players aren’t just limited to the bonuses and jackpots they have obtained from playing fair. Cheating at slots was common back when the machines were first introduced to the market. 

The earliest slot machines weren’t as technologically advanced as today’s systems. We didn’t really have online slots, so people had to depend on unique hand-made machines that weren’t widespread. 

Since manufacturers were focused on creating as many machines as possible to fulfil the rising demand, it is no wonder people found many loopholes to exploit the system for wins. The more the machines were invented, the more ways people found to win unfairly. 

Manufacturers had never thought their machines to be beatable. However, people proved time and again how wrong they were. Thus, these machines were modified into the versions we have today. However, how did players cheat at slots in the past? 

1. The Inherent Flaw in the Design

The biggest issue with the slots machines was the design. There was an inherent flaw that the players used to gain an advantage. To win, you had to pull a lever and spin the slots. As the machines were created quickly, the manufacturers didn’t account for the bias of the lever. 

The more the slots were played, the more the players realized that one could increase their chances of winning by applying more or less pressure on the lever when it was released. This could push the lever to land on particular symbols and potentially hit the jackpot. 

Sure, they needed some practice, but eventually, it became a popular way to win at the casino. More and more people flocked to the slots machines to try out this strategy and bag their wins. 

2. Currency Manipulation

Another popular cheating strategy was currency manipulation which revolved around the coins entered into the machine. Some of these coins were shaved on the edges. The first sensor didn’t detect this. 

However, as the coin moved towards the second sensor, the machine spat it out. This coin could be used multiple times until the jackpot was hit. 

Another trick was related to the fake coins. As the older machines could not recognize many of the fake coins they were fed, most players got away with rewards that cost nothing. 

Moreover, coins were also used to trick the machine, such as in the yoyo trick, where a coin was tied to a string and lowered into the machine till it accepted the currency. It was then pulled out and reused till a win was achieved. 

3. The Magnet Trick

Another way to manipulate the inherent mechanism of the machine was by using a magnet. Slots players used this trick once the slots machines evolved beyond a certain point. As they could no longer use the easier cheats, they began playing with the machine’s mechanics. 

Slots players hid magnets in their clothes or bags and used them when near the slots machines to trigger them to hit a jackpot sequence. 

4. Reaching Within

Some of the cheats involved reaching inside the slots machine. Some of these were recognized by the casino guards. However, slots players were clever enough to use them when the guards weren’t around. 

(i) The Monkey Paw

Tommy Carmichael first used this trick in the UK. It consisted of a guitar string attached to a rod inserted into the machine until a jackpot was triggered. 

(ii) Coat Hangers

Another odd but clever trick was using coat hangers to reach inside the machine and trigger the payout buttons, which would mess with the inherent mechanism of the machine. 

5. Cheating Codes

Last but not least are the cheating codes. These were used to trick the casino guards or authorities. This involved some casino owners or authorities exploiting their own casino or others to gain wins through the machine’s codes. However, this wasn’t that popular and didn’t last long. 

Why Can’t We Cheat Slots Today? 

With the introduction of online slots, cheating on slots has become nearly impossible. Slots players are forever looking for ways to trick the system. However, the reasons that gave birth to the cheats no longer exist. 

  1. Slots machines aren’t created for quantity but for quality. Years ago, slots machines had no value. Thus, businessmen needed to create a lot of them fast to gain any profit. Today, most slots machines are created for value and are carefully formed to avoid cheats. 
  2. Online slots don’t really have any way to cheat since there is no tangible device to cheat on or manipulate. 

How to Win Without Cheating? 

Winning at slots doesn’t need to be hard. You can win without cheating. 

Slots operate according to random chance. This means no real trick can take you closer to winning a slots jackpot. However, some of the tips below can get you close;

  1. Try to gravitate towards the slots machine you play the most. 
  2. Be confident. 
  3. Know your bankroll and your limit. Don’t keep playing to make back the loss. 
  4. Don’t take a loss personally. 
  5. Make use of volatility rates and play accordingly. 
 Casino Slot Game
Picture of a casino slot game.

Final Thoughts

Slots machines and players can often get frustrated due to the casino odds and the edge, which pushes them to cheat to make it big. Since they have been waiting in line for a long time and aren’t getting that win, cheating is an obvious alternative. 

However, there are many simple ways to win without cheating at slots. You can persevere, as is true for any casino game. The odds just might turn out to be in your favor. 

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