Is it worth playing slots as a career?
Slot machines are a popular casino game that is played all over America. However, certain people wish to take this game of chance to another level. While originally attended to be enjoyed once in a while, many are under the impression that they can make a professional career out of slot machines. Well, that would only work if you’re building slots as a career and not playing them.

Why are People Considering Slots as a Career?

Slots are a relatively easy casino game that does not require much, if any, skill to play. In today’s economy, almost every industry requires considerable skill. Given that so many people are in line for the job you want, and each person is as skilled as the next, it doesn’t offer many chances to earn a living the easy way. 

Moreover, a certain “you only need it to work once” mentality goes into people who play slots as a career. Casinos have installed various attractive features into their slot machines, from bonus rounds to jackpots, and people are swarming towards them like moths to a flame. 

Moreover, slot machines are a lucrative business. Despite the pandemic, casinos earned around $30 billion, and players are unaware they can get their hand in the money pot.  

Hence, slot players think they might win big if they play slots professionally. Hence, they throw everything they have, mentally, physically, and financially, into slot machines to win big. 

Why You Shouldn’t Consider Slots as a Career 

There is a reason why there are no professional slot machine players like there are for poker and blackjack. Even the slot players penned down in casino history managed to win big by chance, only to never win big again. Below are some reasons why you should not consider slots as a career. 

Fortune Favors the Bold, But Not the Slot Players

Have you heard the phrase “math doesn’t lie”? The maths says you have no chance of winning big playing slots. Each slot game has the odds stacked against you and a big house edge. While this house edge varies every time, it trickles down to ensure that the casino won’t lose its easily earned money to gamblers. 

The slot machine’s odds are not set in stone. They can either be one in 2000 or one in 200 million. There is no way of telling which it is. However, the house edge in slot machines is around 2% to 50% every game. Now the low odds don’t mean that people don’t win. You might even think of slots as a career because you saw someone win. However, the odds state that winning has nothing to do with how much you play. 

Given the chances and the advantages of the house, the only ones who will tell you that you should choose slots as a career are casino owners. 

You Can’t Cover Your Monthly Expenses 

Anytime you change careers, it’s essential to consider your monthly expenses before you do. This is especially true if you want to play slot machines t earn money. For example, a person living alone will need around $3000 a month, and that too if they want to live comfortably without luxury.

Given the monthly expense, they will need to win $100 daily to survive. They will have to earn even more if they want to live an elegant and exciting lifestyle. 

If you are fine with being a homeless gambler, you can consider slot machines a career choice. 

You Will Need Unmatched Mental Strength 

As employees, you might get frustrated when you can’t do the work right or if the systems are crashing and making you put in the extra effort. Multiply that frustration by ten, and that is what you will feel with every spin you don’t win if you are not strong mentally. 

Casinos are built for entertainment. This entertainment is provided in many ways, sometimes through the frustration that develops into excitement, drinks, music, and more. However, casinos are not meant to be your place of business. 

The constant loss, and the added financial burden of supporting yourself, will take a toll on your mental health. Even if you win, with a house edge of 2% (at the least), you only get 80 cents for every dollar you win if you are really lucky. 

Addiction Can Be a Problem 

Everyone thinks that they have the willpower not to get addicted. Smokers, alcoholics, and gamblers are known for saying, “I can quit whenever I want,” but that isn’t always the case. Playing slots as a career means that you will play them every day for hours on end. Moreover, if you win some money, you will only want to keep playing in hopes of winning again. Finally, you will be stuck in a constant loop of wanting to quit but not being able to. 

There are Better Alternatives

If you are hell-bent on wanting to make a casino game a career, there are better alternatives than slot machines. One of the games that have the best odds of winning is blackjack. A typical hand sets your odds of winning at 42%. Moreover, you do not require great skills to play, unlike poker, which requires you to be cunning and defeat players. Blackjack also has the lowest house edge of 0.28%. 

Another game you could play professionally is Roulette. While, like slots, Roulette is also a game of chance, and luck, unlike slots, gives you options to skew those chances to your favor. While slots only consist of spinning the wheel and letting lady luck do the rest, Roulette offers a statistical advantage to players. 

Why it is not worth playing slots as a career
A person playing slots at a casino

The bottom line is you should not choose slots as a career. While it’s fine to play slots every once in a while, and if you are fortunate, you might win some. However, the huge “if” is not worth the risk. Due to the terrible odds, enormous house edge, many disadvantages, and better alternatives, slots aren’t the right choice for a career. 

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