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You might lose your bets at slot machines more often than other slot players. As the other players around you double and triple their bets, you wonder what you are doing wrong. Everyone loses money to slots at one time or another. If you are looking for ways to increase your wins, keep reading. 

Unfortunately, there’s no real way to predict whether you will win or lose at slots. That is the beauty of most casino games, and random chance is king here. However, common mistakes could jeopardize jackpots that could easily be avoided.

Learning to work around the casino edge and maximize benefits for your bankroll can lead to massive wins. The following list describes some reasons why you might be losing at slots;

1. The House Edge 

A big part of the slots strategy is understanding the house edge and how it comes into play. The house edge is how much the casino can make off every bet. This is a percentage of your money, such as 1 cent off every 1 dollar. 

Investing a lot of your bankroll into one slot machine with a higher house edge can lead you to lose a lot of cash over time. For slots, the losses build up over time. You can simply be warming up the machine for the next player, who will leap at the slots as soon as you leave. 

Try to play slots with the lowest house edge. If you are playing online slots, you can find this on the website’s inner pages. 

2. Volatility

To win at slots, you need to understand volatility. Volatility doesn’t affect how much you win. It simply determines how often you will win. A machine with higher volatility will give out bigger payouts less often. These are best suited for people that like to bet larger amounts. 

On the other hand, a machine with lower volatility will give wins more often, but they won’t be that big. Volatility also affects the jackpots, and if slot players mismatch their bankroll to the volatility of a machine, they can lose big!

3. Bankroll Management

A big part of winning at casino games is managing your bankroll. You need to spend just as much as you have kept aside for casino games. Investing more than you can afford can lead to a greater fear of departing with your investment. This can lower your confidence and make you anxious about your money. That isn’t a great way to play the slots. 

4. Lady Luck

Slots strategy isn’t everything. It is crucial to understand randomness and probability. Sometimes, lady luck just isn’t on your side, and if you are having a bad day, you must rest and step away from the game. You can always come back another day. 

5. Loss of Focus 

Often slot players tend to mix alcohol with their casino games. This is a great way to let go and enjoy your time without worrying about your investment. However, it is essential to recognize when you have drunk too much. Playing when you are tired or too drunk can lead to losses as you don’t have your head in the game anymore. 

6. The Basics

A good slots strategy depends on getting your basics right. Players tend to invest in casino games without understanding the background and the knowledge required to win. If you have lost too many games, it may be time to step back and polish your basics. Understand the game before trying to master it. 

7. Temperament

Casinos make quite a lot of money from hot-headed players who tend to chase after their losses. If you are feeling particularly angry or defeated, it is best to step away from the game and cool off before coming back. Passion can lead to quite a few losses as it is hard to let go and admit defeat when angry. 

8. The Right Place and Time 

There is a place and time to play the slots. No, we don’t mean that figuratively. 

It is vital to locate the right casino (place) and the perfect time in the day. Slots deal out wins randomly. However, casinos are overflowing at some times in the day, and if you want to play a particular machine, it is best to come back when the casino is less crowded.  

9. Missing on the Bonuses 

Slot players often miss out on the bonuses given to new or repeat players. These can be in the form of free spins, which means that you get to play the slots without having to put in the money. You can make that jackpot by reducing the amount you put in the machine and using up your bonuses instead of depending entirely on your bankroll. 

10. Betting Strategies

Players often lose money to slot machines because they depend heavily on slot strategy. Remember that the slot machine is one of the many machines in the casino which relies entirely on random chance. You can switch up your mood, the machine, or the timing, which might lead to a jackpot. However, you don’t really have much control most of the time. 

The best tip we can give you is to have fun and go with the flow. See where the slot machine takes you!

Slot Machine Buttons
Slot Machine Buttons

Final Thoughts

The best and worst part of the slot machine is that it doesn’t favor anyone. You might not be winning as much as some other players, but rest assured you have the same chances as them. Luck may be on their sides today, and it might favor you tomorrow. 

The critical question is whether you are willing to stick around the give the slots a try. If you are someone who wants to be more in control of their wins, we suggest you try poker!

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