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Slot machines are one of the oldest standing favorites for regular casino goers and casual gamblers who want to pass the time while enjoying the thrill of the possibility of taking home massive winnings. There is nothing quite like the excitement you get when you pull on the lever on the side of the machine to watch the three reels spin and eventually stop to determine whether you can land a winning combo or win nothing, only to give it another shot with one more spin.

However, the similarities between the two end with the fact that they are both variations of the same game. In reality, the two variants of slot machines offer a completely different experience, and which one feels better depends entirely on your preference. If you are interested in enjoying the experience of video slots, we think it is better to know more about the game before you dive in.

This post will discuss a few essential things you should know about video slots so that you can enjoy a better experience of playing it, whether you play on a land-based video slots machine or a virtual slot machine through one of the online slots games in our comprehensive suite of online slot machines at Enjoy Slots.

1. The Terms For Video Slots

While playing video slots is arguably as simple as playing classic land-based slots, it is important to understand the terminology you might encounter while playing the game to avoid making mistakes due to confusion.

Pay Table

The paytable is a table that shows all the information about a particular video slot machine, including the different rules for the specific game, payouts, different paylines, jackpots, and the betting limits that you should know. You can typically find it at the top of your screen when you start playing on a video slot machine.

Spin Button

Video slot machines no longer feature the mechanical lever on the side that you can pull to start a spin. Instead, there is a spin button that does the same task. When you push the spin button, it activates the random number generator that decides the result as soon as you press the spin button and gives you the result.

Cash Out

You can click on the cash out button on the video slot machine if you have had enough of the game and you want the amount you inserted into the machine back. This is also called the cash tray, where you can click to collect all your winnings from the session (if you landed any winning spins).

2.  Playing Within Your Means

If you are a slot machine enthusiast who is used to the experience of playing with mechanical slot machines, you will find the video slot experience to be different. Many virtual slot machines allow you to deposit a certain amount of money into the machine and play consecutive spins without manually pressing the spin button for every spin.

While this makes the game more fast-paced and exciting, it also makes it easier for you to forget that you are betting actual money on every spin. It can become too easy to lose track of time and money you have spent on the video slot machine if you are not careful. You can end up betting and losing far more than you can afford to lose if you do not keep track of how much you are spending.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to avoid overspending on a video slot machine. Instead of playing it by ear and deciding on betting an amount for each spin, you should decide on a budget for how much you will spend before you start playing. Keep track of how much you bet on every spin and ensure that you break down your bet sizes based on the budget you decide.

Stick to limiting yourself to the budget that you decide, regardless of the results, and you can keep your spending in check to continue enjoying the game without risking financial trouble.

3. 5-Reel and 3-Reel Video Slots

Many casino goers are familiar with the 3-reel slot machines. These slot machines feature three different columns of symbols that spin and stop to create different combinations. 5-reel video slot machines have become increasingly popular in recent years. These machines offer you a better chance of landing winning paylines because they tend to feature more paylines than their 3-reel counterparts.

4. Choose Only Trusted Online Casino Video Slots

As with any online gambling game, it is crucial to ensure that you play only the video slot games provided by trusted developers and online casinos. You enter your credit card information while playing online slots and video slots, and it is crucial to ensure that the provider is reputable and can ensure the safety of your information. You should not entrust providers with your credit card information if you are not sure about whether they practice the right cybersecurity measures to protect your information.

Fortunately, that will not be a problem for you when you are playing online video slot games at Enjoy Slots. We go through great lengths to curate our collection of video slots games with only the games made by trustworthy providers that can ensure your safety and security.

Wrapping It Up

 Slot machines
Video slot machines on a casino floor with empty seats.

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