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Online gambling increased significantly during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, with more people switching to online casino sites to play their favorite games, we have also seen a surge in gambling scams. Falling for these scams can expose you to a high number of losses. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can avoid online gambling scams when you play slots online.

Let’s take a look at how. 

The Return To Player Rate Isn’t Available or Is Very Low 

Some online gambling scams focus on getting your credit card information and using them to their advantage. However, scams also result from rigged games where you always lose. This usually happens for slot games that don’t offer information on the Return to Player rate. A profitable slot game usually has a Return to Player rate between 94% to 98%. If you find games that have a very low return rate, then this could be an online scam. 

The Online Casino Is Not Properly Licensed

One of the biggest red flags for an online gambling site is that it does not have the necessary licenses required to operate legally. Reputable online casinos are properly regulated, and you can easily find their licensing information. If you land on a site that does not provide this information, then it is best to avoid them altogether in case you get scammed. There are plenty of reliable sites that you can use instead.

We also recommend verifying the information you get. You can note down the licensing number provided and verify it against the gambling commission that provided the online casino a license. 

There are No Good Online Reviews 

Online reviews play a big part in helping you determine if an online casino site is legitimate or not. If you are not sure about an online slot game, then you can check out reviews for it on review forums and independent sites. You can find various opinions posted by actual online slot players here that can help you decide if the online site is legitimate or part of an online scam.

You might have to spend some time reviewing the feedback here to get a clearer picture. If you are unable to find any reviews about the site on any online site, then it may be an online scam after all. It is best to avoid it then and look for other options available on reputable sites with good reviews.

Keep an Eye on Promotional Offers 

Many casino sites offer promotions and bonuses directed toward new players who haven’t signed up with them yet. These promotional offers can be very attractive. However, you might also come across offers that border on unrealistic. This is a big red flag. 

Normally, a reputed online casino would not have to resort to such extravagant measures to try and draw in more players. It’s likely they already have a pretty big player base. 

The same doesn’t hold true for online scams. These prey on vulnerable users and entice them to part with their money in exchange for a big payoff. If you come across such offers, then it helps to double-check and see if the site is licensed to operate legally.

Most valid online sites might offer first-deposit bonuses that can be anywhere between 100% to 300%. The limit for these bonuses is usually up to $100 and $500. If you find a site that goes even higher than this, then it may be an online scam instead, and you should proceed with caution.

Inefficient Withdrawal Processes

A well-reputed casino typically has a fast payout process coupled with multiple withdrawal methods. You don’t have to wait that long to cash in on your winnings. Naturally, online gambling scams function differently. You might get the smaller payouts more quickly so that you can continue playing. 

However, if you win any large jackpots, then you could be subjected to an overly complicated verification process, and the casino may take weeks or months to offer any kind of payout. This typically indicates that you have lost your money in an online scam. 

To avoid this, we suggest looking up online reviews and checking what they have to say about a casino’s payout processes. If you find people complaining about this and have reported lost funds or the lack of a prize, then you should avoid playing at this casino. 

The type of withdrawal process can also tell you a lot about the casino. For instance, if the casino uses PayPal, then it is likely to be operating legally. This is because sites like PayPal have a very strict verification process, and only reliable websites will be able to clear it. 

No Customer Service Provided 

This is another major sign that you are playing online slot games at a fraudulent site. A licensed online casino will offer online customer support that you can use to get your queries answered. This is available 24/7, and you can access it anytime via email, chat, or phone. 

However, if an online casino doesn’t appear to offer these options, then it may not be operating legally. This is because if you are having trouble cashing out your winnings, then you won’t be able to talk to anyone about it. 

Online reviews prove useful here too. If you find players complaining that the customer service is abysmal, then we suggest you find some other casino to play online slots. 

Wrapping It Up 

Slot machines in a casino against a dark background
Slot machines in a casino

Online gambling scams are becoming increasingly common. However, as long as you do your due diligence and make sure that a casino is properly regulated and has good online reviews, then you should be in the clear. We also suggest checking the payment methods, the promotional offers, and the customer service offered.

If you do find an online casino that appears to be a scam, then you can report it to the relevant authorities and post about it online. This can help make sure other people don’t have the same experience as you. 

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