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If you have played a few losing rounds of slots, you might find yourself wondering if you have just gotten rotten luck. Luck plays some role in all casino games. However, is playing slots all about luck? Not necessarily. There’s a lot more to slots and if you use it to your advantage, you can increase your chances of winning.

Read on as we discuss how slots work and why you can’t limit the game to a matter of luck.

Slots Use Random Number Generators

A lot of time we believe that slots present a house-wins-all situation. While this can be true in some cases, a legitimate online casino uses slots that have random number generators installed. These remove any additional advantage that you think the online casino may have over the outcome of the game and make it completely random.

To elaborate, random number generators can be used to generate up to 2 billion outcomes. Some random number generators predict the outcome with the help of a series of calculations relying on the last number. This means that neither you nor the casino can cheat the system. There’s obviously an element of luck involved here. That said, there are other things you can do to tip the odds in your favor. Let’s take a look at what these are.

Start With Small Bets

You should never bet your entire bankroll on a single spin. This pays off very rarely and you don’t want to blow away all of your funds on the first try. Instead, we suggest starting with small-sized bets to gauge your chances.

If you find yourself on a winning streak, you can increase your stake and capitalize on this. Otherwise, it’s best to place small bets. This way, even if you lose, it won’t hurt as much.

Choose Low-Variance Over High-Variance Games

Every slot game has a different variance. If a game has low variance, this means it is less volatile and will offer payouts more frequently. So, if you keep playing, you are bound to win something. It’s only a matter of time. However, the payout will not be as large in size.

High-variance slot games offer the opposite experience. These games offer payouts less frequently. However, the size of these payouts is considerably larger so you could recover your losses. You can choose games based on the size of your bankroll and how much money you are willing to lose.

If you only want to play for a short time and would like to win something, then we suggest sticking to low-variance games. This way you can enjoy the online slot experience and still walk away with something. However, if you don’t mind waiting around and have a large bankroll to play with, then high-variance games may feel very appealing to you.

Check How Much Money a Slot Game Will Return to the Player

Slot games involve luck, but they also involve something called the Return to Player (RTP) rate. This determines what percentage of money you can expect the slot machine to pay back to you over time. Games with higher RTPs tend to be more profitable and you can expect to get luckier when you play them. Conversely, if you are playing games with a low RTP, then it will be difficult for you to recover the money you lost.

Now, on to the bigger question – what’s a good RTP? Normally, slot games have a Return to Player rate of 92% to 97%. If you are playing slots in a land casino, then make sure you don’t play at a machine with an RTP rate that is lower than 95% or 96%.

Online slot games offer even higher RTPs and you can expect to find games that have an RTP rate between 98% to 99%. Naturally, these games are more lucrative. The higher RTP rate is mainly because the cost of operating an online casino is significantly lower than a land casino. You don’t have to pay for physical machines and other things required to operate the casino. Instead, you can run the whole thing online which is cheaper. This allows online casinos to pass on a greater percentage of their profits to players.

Make the Most of Promotions and Bonuses

Another way to get around lady luck and bolster your winnings when you play slots online is by taking advantage of the promotions and bonuses that online casinos offer. You can leverage the free spins and deposit matches offered by an online casino to try and win without using your own money. You can also participate in slot tournaments.

Besides this, you should explore all the bonuses, paylines, and symbols within a slot game of your choice. This can help you aim for better payouts and be smarter about your plays.

Playing at the Right Website

Choosing the right online casino website is very important if you want to try and win at slots. Online casinos that are not licensed will try and cheat players and you might not be able to recover any lost funds.

You should always check the casino’s licensing information and verify it before you start to play. This can save you a lot of trouble down the road. You can also check the reviews for a particular online casino before you make a decision. This can give you a clearer picture of what to expect.

Wrapping It Up

A row of slot machines inside a casino
Slot machines in a casino

Online slots may seem all about luck, but it is not as straightforward as that and if you are smart about it, you can use these games to win pretty easily. We suggest starting small and building your way up based on the outcomes of your bets. You can also choose slot games with low volatility if you want quick payouts. Besides this, checking the Return to Player rate of the slot game you are playing is very important. Finally, choosing a licensed and properly regulated online casino site is essential if you want to win at online slots. Otherwise, you may get scammed and never get your money back.

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