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If you are planning on playing online slots, it is always a good idea to know more about the game before you start playing and understand the game instead of going in blind. Reading this post will be worth it for you if you are thinking about starting to play the game.

We have created this post as a glossary of online slots terms that you should know to help you get a good start to playing the game. While many of these are self-explanatory, some of them might require some context. Read through this guide and become familiar with the terms about online slots for a better experience of playing online slots.

Glossary Of Online Slot Terms

1. Action

This term refers to the total amount that a slots player bets in a period of time. A few wagering requirements and bonus features rely on this figure to determine whether you qualify for certain special features.

2. Active Payline

An “active payline” is turned on and pays you a prize if you land a winning combination on it. Many slot machines let you activate and deactivate paylines to adjust the wager.

3. All Ways

This term refers to slot machines that have paylines creating winning combinations from left to right and right to left.

4. Buy A Pay

This phrase refers to the payouts that you can get only if you meet the requirement of a minimum wager per spin. In many slot machines, you cannot have the jackpot available for you unless you bet at least a certain amount with each spin.

5. Cascading Wilds

Cascading wilds turn other symbols in a slot machine into other wilds that let you get bigger or more concurrent wins.

6. Collect Button

This term refers to the button you can press to cash out any remaining credits you might have in the slot machine.

7. Comps

The term “comps” refers to any complimentary drinks, prizes, foods, or spins offered by casinos for loyal players.

8. Columns

This term refers to the vertical lines of symbols that spin in the slot machine, also referred to as “reels.”

9. Denomination

This term refers to the value of a single coin in a slot machine. Some machines let you change the coin amount.

10. Fixed Jackpot

As the name suggests, this refers to a set amount you can win if you hit the jackpot combination on a slot machine.

11. Jackpot

This term refers to the highest possible award you can win while playing slots.

12. Line Bet

A line bet refers to how much you are wagering on a single slot machine. This amount can determine the payout if you can land a winning spin.

13. Max Bet

This term refers to the highest amount you can bet on each spin. There is a maximum button on most slot machines to automatically adjust your bet to the maximum amount allowed on them.

14. Min Bet

This term refers to the lowest amount you can bet in one spin. The minimum bet limit can vary drastically depending on the particular machine.

15. One-Armed Bandit

While you don’t hear this term often, it is a widely recognized term that refers to slot machines worldwide. This is a slang term for slot machines because traditional land-based slot machines feature a lever and because these machines are designed to take more of your money than what they payout.

16. Payback Percentage

This term is used interchangeably with Return To Player or RTP. Payback percentage or RTP refers to the total amount a machine pays out over time.

17. Paytable

The paytable is a page or section that contains information about how much you can win on a slot machine. The paytable also outlines the symbols, rules, and how to activate and use bonus features on a slot machine.

18. Random Number Generator

The random number generator determines the result of a slot machine for every spin. RNGs use mathematical algorithms to generate genuinely random placements for the different reels on a slot machine for each spin, ensuring fair results for every slots player.

19. Rollover Requirements

Also referred to as “wagering requirements,” this term refers to the total amount that you need to wager so that you can clear a bonus offer.

20. Scatter

A scatter symbol on a slot machine rewards to you with a payout, and it can unlock a bonus or special feature on the slot machine.

21. Staggered Payout

This term refers to a slot machine that offers a larger payout if you bet more coins per spin.

22. Total Bet

This refers to the total amount wagered based on your current settings. The number of active paylines and coin size is multiplied to calculate the credits per spin.

23. Video Slots

This term refers to modern land-based slot machines that do not have any mechanical moving parts like traditional slot machines.

24. Wild

A wild symbol on the slot essentially substitutes for any symbol in the spin to help you create a winning combination for it.

25. Zig Zag

This term refers to a payline that moves in a crooked line across the rows and columns on a wheel. It is very rare to see such a payline, and it is considered to be the most complex payline layout you can play for on a slot machine.

Wrapping It Up

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If you are completely new to online slots, we are sure you might be surprised at how slot machine terminology is so involved. This guide is now your one-stop solution for all the slot machine terms and slang you need to know for a better experience of playing online slots. We advise keeping this guide open in another tab while you enjoy playing one of the games from our comprehensive suite of online slot machines at Enjoy Slots so you can refer to it whenever you come across something new.

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