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Online slots can be a lot of fun to play. However, if you go in blind without understanding the game, then you could lose a lot of money. To help you out, we have shortlisted a series of dos and don’ts that you should remember when you play slots online. These slot tips can help you improve your game and allow you to get more out of your favorite game.

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The Dos of Online Slots

There are plenty of things that you should do but might miss out on when you are playing slots online. These include:

1. Do Your Research

Online slots can appear to be deceptively simple, so you might not think about looking up the rules of each game before you play. This can be a mistake. Every slot game works differently, and understanding these differences can play a determining role in the outcome. We suggest understanding the different terms used during this game, so you know what you are doing. Knowing about the rules and terms and conditions of every slot game can also help you unlock bonus rounds and aim for bigger jackpots.

You should also research which are the best slot games to play. This is because not every slot has the variance and Return to Player percentage. Looking up these things can help you use your bankroll more effectively and win more money.

2. Do Consider High Denomination Slots

If you are looking for slot tips that help you win more, then you will love this. If you are playing dollar slots, then the payback percentage for these slots tends to be higher than the payback percentage for quarter slots. Similarly, quarter slots tend to pay back more than nickel slots, and so on. Bear in mind, though, when you play in dollars and cents, then you will also be placing bigger bets. This can translate into more risk. You can weigh in these factors before you decide to play higher denomination slots.

3. Do Set a Budget

We can’t say this enough. If you are playing slots online, then you need to set a budget and then stick to it. You can also assign a portion of your bankroll to each slot game you play. For example, suppose that you decide to place bets up to $50 when you play a particular slot game. Once you reach this limit, you can stop playing and move on to a different game.

This helps make sure you only spend a limited amount of money on an online slot. It also allows you to control your losses if you are on a losing streak. Otherwise, you could end up spending all of your money on a game in the hopes of winning something back eventually. Having a budget in place also lets you control the size of your bets, and you can increase or decrease your stake accordingly.

4. Do Take Advantage of Bonuses

Nearly every online casino offers some kind of bonus just to sign up and play. Some will even offer a bonus without requiring a deposit first. You can use this bonus to play games that you are already familiar with or new games that you want to try.

Many slot games also allow you to unlock bonus rounds. Knowing how to do this can help you win more money, so don’t shy away from trying!

A close-up of slot machines in a casino
Slot machines in a casino

The Don’ts of Online Slots

We have covered the things you should do when you play slots online. However, there are also things you should avoid. These include:

1. Don’t Use Risky Betting Strategies

A lot of slot players swear by betting strategies such as the Martingale betting system. This betting system requires you to double your bet every time you lose. The logic here is that you increase the size of your bets exponentially so that when you win, you can collect all the money you lost in previous rounds.

However, a winning spin is not guaranteed and choosing to use such a risky betting system could spell doom for your bankroll. If you want to use a betting system, we suggest sticking to safer options where the progression of your bets moves more slowly.

2. Don’t Play Progressive Jackpots If You Can’t Bet the Maximum Amount

Progressive jackpots can be very enticing when you are playing online slots. Every time you lose a bet here, it will be added to an ever-growing jackpot. There’s a possibility that you can win it all with one spin. However, it usually doesn’t work out like that.

Moreover, progressive jackpots require you to wager the maximum amount in order to qualify. If you have a small bankroll, you could quickly run out without winning anything back.

3. Don’t Choose a Game That Doesn’t Suit Your Goals

Every slot player has different goals. Some have a large bankroll and are in it for the huge jackpots. Others like to place small bets that return a moderate profit. This can determine the type of game they play. For instance, highly volatile slot games offer a large payout, but the frequency of these payouts can be low. You’ll have to play for some amount of time if you want to score a jackpot.

Conversely,  less volatile slot games have a small payout. However, they also offer a jackpot more frequently. So, if you have a small bankroll, you can choose slot games with low volatility. This can allow you to get a quick payout. Conversely, if you have a large bankroll and a lot of time, then you can try for highly volatile slot games.

4. Don’t Play for Real Money If You Don’t Know How a Slot Game Works

As mentioned earlier, every slot game is different. It helps if you try out some free spins to understand the game before you play for money. Many online casinos offer this option, and you can use it to your advantage to win more money when you actually play.

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