Passenger at an Airport Ticketing Counter

5 Airports That Have Slot Machines

An airport isn’t exactly the first hunting ground for any gambler wanting to play slots. However, airports offering slot machines and other casino facilities is a novel and interesting scenario. A place of travel normally associated with stressed out passengers, sometimes-flustered staff, tearful goodbyes, and happy reunions makes a unique setting for those who like to gamble. 5 Airports with Slot Machines While the concept remains somewhat new, it’s catching on fast. This piece will tell you about airports around the world that offer casino facilities, specifically slot machines. Some of them offer jackpots as big as the ones usually...

Couple Playing Slots in a Casino

How to Play Progressive Slots

Are you into gambling, specifically slot machines? If so, you’ll know that playing progressive slots isn’t much different to other kinds of slot machines. At least, the basics remain the same. You put in the money, push the SPIN button, and let your luck take care of the rest. However, you can also be an educated progressive slots player. This piece will explain to do that… Before getting started, though, you need to remember that these “tips & tricks” won’t enable you to manipulate a slot machine and get more favorable outcomes. That’s impossible and trying to do so is...

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